Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The World Wants Obama

If you have been reading articles and commentaries from around the globe you would know that the world is indeed waiting for America to wake the hell up.

Here is an article from the Guardian in the UK. The absolutely terrifying part in all this is I am so, so afraid he is right. I am in shock that American women would be so taken in by the Republicans putting a female on the ticket. Just that fact alone, never mind who she is what she stands for, has increased the polls in favor of the McCain ticket.

The feeling is familiar. I had it four years ago and four years before that: a sinking feeling in the stomach. It's a kind of physical pessimism which says: "It's happening again. The Democrats are about to lose an election they should win - and it could not matter more."


More troubling was the ABC News-Washington Post survey which found McCain ahead among white women by 53% to 41%. Two weeks ago, Obama had a 15% lead among women. There is only one explanation for that turnaround, and it was not McCain's tranquilliser of a convention speech: Obama's lead has been crushed by the Palin bounce.

My female American people; you cannot be serious!! A good number of you are falling for this crap hook, line and sinker. Just like they knew you would. So.. you are willing to throw away this enormous chance of CHANGE because Palin is a woman? Really? Are we really that shallow? Because from what I stand we aren't seeing much substance there.

Yes, she a mother. Yes, she's a working mother. Yeah yeah, she's Governor of Alaska. I'm sure she is a darn nice person. That does not mean she is the right person to help govern this nation.

People, the world is waiting. They watched us, as a nation, screw this up two other times in recent history. If the freaking WORLD is rooting for us to make the right choice by electing Obama then why the hell can't we see that for ourselves? And I mean "we" as in the majority who will make or break this coming election.

So this is my call to you, my challenge as it were.....if you are planning to vote for the dark side** ...eeerrrr I mean for the Republican party I would like to ask, implore, beg that you examine your motives carefully. Are you voting Republican because you always have? Because your parents were Republican so you feel you are as well? Because your pastor is saying Democrats will go to hell and encouraging you to vote a certain way (and yes, it's happening)? Because your spouse/partner is voting that way so you may as well to? Are you voting (God forbid) just because there is a woman on the ticket? Are you voting because having a black man as President would make you uncomfortable?

If you are planning to vote for the Republican party for any reason other than you believe their platform 150%, because you honestly believe they are the right party to continue the work of the last 8 years and because you can see success in the last 8 years (as in a great, strong, vibrant economy; a low unemployment rate; a strong housing market; a strong stock market; a strong dollar; happy and proud members of our society; a country who works to better the world; etc.) then by all means, cast your vote.

But if you have doubts....or if you are just out and out voting because there is a woman on the ticket then please, please, please, please do your homework and consider the alternative. Please.

The world is waiting. And watching. And hoping. And praying.

Let's not make this ultra important decision for the wrong reasons. Please.


(**sorry - I just couldn't help myself. If you know my family and if you have come to love us, like us or at least be entertained by us, then you should know and really understand that the GOP agenda does not have my family in its best interest. Or hell - even as a blip on their radar screen. For them, my family is without value. Did you hear that? They think my family is worthless. Worthless. Sorry - but for me that makes them the dark side.)


Monogram Queen said...

Totally understandable Casey you don't have to explain yourself. Those of us that "know" you realize exactly where you are coming from.
Your family has just as much value as my family does and that's why i'm voting for CHANGE in this damn country of ours.

Mimi said...

Yep I am voting for the dark side....even thou it's not my party...even thou I not believe in the same things they do.. But Obama scares me....I do believe Obama will win...but sorry he scares me....please don't hold this agaisnt daughter loves we can't talk about....

Casey said...

Patti: Amen.

Mimi: See? This is what I do not understand. How on earth can people vote for a party who's values do not line up with their own? How can you give your vote to a party in which you do not beleive in or agree with. And most importantly - how can you vote against families like mine? How can Obama scare you *that* much and what, may I ask, scares you about him? I see nothing scary. I see someone who is eager and willing to do the work to turn this country around so we can once agin be a legitimate "super power" that will earn back the respect of the other countries in this world. Because right now? Right now you'd be hard pressed to find a county who respects The United States of America.

What in that scares you? I just don't understand. It's not an attack - I'm just saying I don't understand.

And, on a personal level, it's hard to not harbor resentment. With your vote you being given to a party you do not agree with, you are helping destroy any and all validity for my family. For my babies to be equal to your grandchildren. For their family to be seen as "real".

Mimi said...

Ok Ok….I’m sorry I don’t agree with you….but Obama scares the shit out of me….it has nothing to do with your family….your family is just as important as my family….but Obama won‘t change that it has been on the ballot before and it was voted down…not the president but the people… the bible thumpers ….not me….I voted for it….my brother is gay and I love him to pieces….Obama’s back ground yeah on the ads he shows his white mother and his white grandparents…where’s his step father that raised him Moslem? I know he WASN’T Moslem but he was raise that way…..I have seen him in his Moslem outfits…that doesn’t scare you with today 9-11???? And what experience does he have????? Come on he has 173 days in congress and most of that is on the road campaigning???? I am not voting for McCain because he pick a women to run with him……truthfully McCain isn’t much better but I feel in my heart he is better than Obama…..I still love reading your blog and I hope you don’t hate me for the way…even if I am wrong for feeling the way I do it’s just the way I feel… I said my daughter LOVES Obama so we can’t talk about it at all…….give your babies a kiss for me…..

Dakota said...

It is sad (and frightening) that when people are in abusive relationships, they prefer to stay with what they know than try to make a change. Maybe since that is what women have done for so many centuries, this is more of the same.


There are those that say we get what we deserve, but I don't want to be a part of that "we."
(The mysterious deleted message was mine - found a typo.)

Mimi said...

Dakota...what does abused women have to do with Obama?????? Am I missing the point???

Casey said...

Mimi: I don't hate you - I just don't understand. That said - have you checked the facts behind all the things that scare you about Obama? I mean *really* checked them? I know you had sent me one of the "forwarded everywhere" emails about Obama refusing the say the pledge and when I refuted it with a facts from, you admitted to believing these types of circulating emails as fact. So - I am just asking to be sure you have done *your* homework on what scares you and you aren't just following the people who are intentionally trying to scare you by presenting false information.

I went to snopes and typed in "obama raised muslim" and here is just one of the many that popped up (there is a lot of false information circulating).

The first part you will read is the entire "claim". It is not the facts. Scroll down to where they break it all done and go point by point.

If you truly believe you have done all your own looking, researching and soul searching then great. It's your vote, do as your heart and conscious directs. This is still Amwerica where we have freedom of choice. I am just hoping that people who are switching are making educated decisions.

And you may also want to dig deep into Palin. Because at this point, out of the two of them, she is the one who is scares me the most. Which is saying loads considering I'm anti-McCain. :)

And thank you for being honest. I appreciate trying your help in my trying to sort this out.

Casey said...

(Mimi: Dakota is in an all day conference. I'll send her an email to let her know you had a question.)

Anonymous said...

Mimi, don't forget that Barack Obama spent what, 6 years in the Illinois senate? I know he is being painted as painfully inexperienced, but it just isn't true. All those myths about him possibly being Muslim have been debunked. So he didn't wear a flag pin, so what? It scares me that so many people are falling for the McCain/Palin scare tactics.

Dakota said...

Mimi - It just came to me when I read your comments. This may not reflect your reality, but I think the analogy may be true for many women, even if they do not want to see it.

Let me explain:
You are not a Republican, you do not believe in the things they stand for, but you are willing to continue being oppressed and patronized rather than risk change. You would rather stay with what is known and comfortable, rather than risk taking a chance on an unknown. Also, you say that you are worried that Barrack is a Muslim. That is just plain bigotry. People have pointed out that he is not a Muslim, but what if he was? Not all Muslims are terrorists. Most are not. Frankly, these days I am far more terrified of the Christian religious right than I am of any other religion.

Brenda said...

Very well said Dakota

Mimi said...

Dakota, you are right I am not a risk taker never have been never will be....(must be my age) I get a thought in my head and I TRULY believe it with my whole heart and soul.....that is why my husband says I never need to be on a jury....maybe I do believe wrong in Obama but I have to go with my heart he scares me....I have read tooo much...I do believe he will be our next president and I PRAY that what I think is wrong because we will be in a world of hurt...I think this is going to be the first election that I will truly be sitting and watch bitting my bad we don't live closer we could have a ball that daughter and I can't even talk about it because she gets so pissed that I don't see it her way.....guess she's more like me than I

Fern said...

I don't get what's scary about Obama at all. I think Palin seems worlds scarier, as far as political and religious views and shady pasts go.

Anyway, Casey, I gave you an award on my blog for this post.

Tanya said...

If you have not already seen it you need to look up the Palin skit on SNL, too funny! Oh and by the way, I am right there with you!