Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Great Debate of the Debate

I find it unbelievable that today the McCain camp came out asking to postpone the debate scheduled for Friday night; all in the name of "working together to fix the economy". I am heartened to hear the Obama camp reject that idea.

You can read about it here.

My personal view (and hey - it's great if you don't agree with me because that is, after all, the greatness of free speech but I am not going to debate where I stand on the issue) is that it is dead wrong to postpone the debate. Dead wrong. I want and I NEED to hear what both candidates have to say. Let's face it - we aren't going to fix the economy in the next week...two or heck - even 40 days but we do have to elect someone to office very soon and I want to hear what they have to say on the issues that most affect MY life.

To me, hearing McCain say, in essence, "Now isn't a good time to talk about what we plan to do if we are elected." speaks so incredibly loudly that I can't hear myself think. It's screaming "I don't really care about you, the little people. You certainly aren't worth my time. I have much more important things to do even though, yes, I could have been doing them for months and months." Granted - I get that isn't the message he is probably *trying* to send but that's what I'm hearing.

This crisis with the economy didn't just happen yesterday. We've been in a tailspin for months - dare I say more than a year - but NOW...NOW is when he wants to put on the brakes to find a solution. NOW is when I need to hear your long term plans to pull this nation out of the crapper. NOW is when I need to hear hope for the future. NOW is when I need to know if you are up for the job because, God forbid, you get elected I need to know your plans.

This is not the time to leave us hanging. This is not the time to treat the citizen's of this country like we are children who must go outside and play quietly while the grown-ups see what they can do to get us out this mess.

This country is in crisis. There is no doubt about that. And now, more than ever before, I want to hear what McCain and Obama have to say about it.

Postpone the debate. That is frikkin' insane! And I hope people can see through it as a ploy and certainly something that is not in our best interest.

Please. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in some Sci-Fi fantasy world... a parallel universe. And I am angry about it. I am so, so, so angry at this development. And it just compounds my anger already in place over oh so much of it.

And just to be clear; I will not be answering comments. If you support McCain, so be it. I don't.


A Jersey Girl said...

I could not agree more:)


Audra said...

I almost couldn't believe this when I heard it. I was really looking forward to it, because while I will vote Obama, I don't really know any of the issues.

Why doesn't he just send Palin in his place? I mean, it seems like she's been doing everything for him lately.

Casey said...

Ok - so I really am going to comment to Audra. :) It's because Palin couldn't handle the debate. In truth, there is much talk going on that this is a ploy to remove the VP debate from the calendar. McCain camp wants to r/s the pres. debate for the date the VP debate is scheduled and will reschedule the VP date at an undetermined time. (see: )

If you ask me, which you's a ploy to keep Palin from being in a debate because she isn't ready, not properly trained on what to say and when - and probably won't be. It's their way of keeping her away from people yet again.

This whole thing is enough to make me drink...and I don't drink! ARGH!!!!!