Monday, September 29, 2008


My sister called this afternoon to see why I haven't been posting today. The reason is I have been hard at work on my PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) stuff. It seems like it was all consuming today and suddenly my calendar is looking liking something exploded all over it and believe me, it was plenty full before! :)

And then to add to my chaotic day, I had to deal with Pay Pal who locked down my account because fraudulent activity was suspected. They were right to lock it down - it was definitely unauthorized activity (sending Euros to someone. Apparently the system recognized that I've never sent Euros to anyone before and immediately locked down my account and the funds are being held in suspended animation for the next 10 days). It was a lengthy phone call to Pay Pal this morning but it's resolved, my account has been appropriately secured and in 10 days, I'll have my money back.

So no, I wasn't off shopping for a new swimsuit or having coffee with friends. I was working hard.


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Monogram Queen said...

I despise Paypal. They screwed me over but i'm glad they did right by you!