Thursday, March 30, 2006

TAG! I'm it! :)

I was tagged by Caroline so here goes.....

1. Who was your first prom date? No one. I didn't attend my prom.

2. Who was your first roommate(s)? Ilana - first girlfriend, too..

3. What alcoholic beverage did you drink the first time you got drunk? Tequila with beer chasers. Needless to say, that was the first and last time I did that. Ugh!

4. What was your first job? I was part of the kitchen staff at a camp Then I was a counselor but my first non-camp related job was a receptionist at Supercuts.

5. What was your first car? 1985 Ford Escort

6. When did you go to your first funeral? 1979. For my grandfather.

7. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown? Twenty two.

8. Who was your first grade teacher? Hmmm...I think Mrs. Holman. I don't

9. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? South Carolina.

10. When did you sneak out of your house for the first time, who was it with? I never did. I wasn't that adventurous.

11. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them? Jody. I have no idea where she even is. We lost touch long before High School.

12. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents house? An apartment. It was decent but not all that great.

13. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day? Dakota....but if I know she isn't available, I call Brenda or IM with Shawna.

14. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid/groomsman? I have never been in a wedding..

15. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Think "Noooooo! Not yet!" Then I put on a happy face and greet my kids.

16. What was the first concert you ever went to? John Denver

17. First tattoo or piercing? What age? I got my ears pierced when I was 17. I got a tattoo when I was 25 (I think it was then.)

18. First celebrity crush? Shaun Cassidy *happy sigh*

19. Age of first kiss? 17

20. First crush? Oh man - I don't know. Maybe Jay in High School?

21. First time you did drugs? Old enough to know better. I take the fifth. :)

Tag list:
Oh heck - if you haven't already done this, and you read this blog, consider yourself tagged. Now get to it! :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weekend Plans

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon and heading up to the Seattle area to visit family and to have a joint birthday party for Kaylen, Kelton and their cousin, Mikayla. Instead of staying with my sister as we usually do, we've decided to turn it into a mini-vacation and stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel. I'm so excited!

We reserved a two-room suite. There's a pool and room service and yes, even an arcade for my arcade-lovin' son. We'll be just 5 miles from the house we used to own so we'll be in familiar stomping grounds and can go to all the places we never have time to go - including our all-time favorite cafe. We even decided to add an extra day just to allow ourselves more time. Time to see extended family and time to just be together as a family without all the stresses of our regular life. No pets to tend to, no cleaning that *has* to be done. No regular errands that we need to find time to run.....just fun. Relaxing and fun. That's what it's all about!

I'm really looking forward to our mini-vacation. Have a good weekend everyone!

PS...Next week remind me that I wanted to tell you about what I discovered in regards to sugar and my son. A little experimenting with his diet and presto! I've figured out some key things. Sugar + Boy = bouncing off the wall, not good behavior. Which I really should have clued into before now since it was crystal clear during my glucose tolerance test when I was pregnant that the child reacted to sugar. I swear, he didn't stop moving inside me for the rest of the day after that test. The same is true now.....give him some candy and the boy is out of control within 20-30 minutes. It's truly amazing (and yep, I did a few control studies to see. Each time it would yield the same results. Amazing.

It's not that I'm cutting sugar completely out of his diet but I am going to be more aware of it and what will happen with his behavior once it hits his system. And you know what? Putting this together has really empowered me - I don't have a child that is out of control just for the sake of being out of control. There seems to be a reason, a cause and a solution. Life looks so much better from this side of that bit of knowledge! :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

This is a 3.5 minute video of Kaylen's first year. The music is by Nora Jones - she was the background mucis in the OR when Kaylen entered the world. Enjoy!

Create your own video at One True Media
What Does Your Birthday Mean?

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Friday, March 24, 2006

My Big Girl!

See? She really does spit out the rocks (see photos below). And check out her tricky slide move. :)

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My Little Rock Eater

Could she BE more adorably happy with herself? Good thing she is really good about spitting them out when asked. :)

Kelton is having a really good day!!

I'm so proud of my little guy. He was a superstar this morning eating breakfast and getting ready and out the door. At our MOMS Club activity, he only lost it momentarily two times (hitting someone out of frustration once (a toy tussel) and trying to hog all the building blocks one time) which is a huge improvement for him these days.

He was polite and so quiet at times I had to go seek him out to make sure everything was ok. It was kind of strange - but oh so nice! Even Kaylen was in an exceptionally good mood playing by herself.

When we arrived home, the house cleaning team was still here and both kids did amazingly well at listening to me and then playing nicely in the backyard while we waited for them to finish.

I could get used to this! :)
Two Teeth In Twenty-Four Hours

Well no wonder the poor thing has been so cranky and miserable. Yesterday, she woke from her nap in the crankiest of moods. Her cry was one of pain so I checked her mouth to see if any teeth were coming through. All was smooth. But - since it was a pain cry, I decided to dose her with Tylenol anyway. (She has VERY distinctive cries. Kelton never did - they all sounded the same - but with Kaylen, I can tell exactly what the cries mean. It's really handy to have that type of information - makes helping or ignoring so much easier.)

Two hours later, she was still fussy so I check her gums again thinking there *must* be something happening in there and sure enough - her upper right incisor was poking through. Ah ha!

She is a slow teether...this was only her 6th I naturally assumed the worst was over for a week or so. Nope - not the case. This morning I was playing with her and tipped up backwards and lo and behold what did I see?! Another tooth was poking through! She now has her four front top teeth and three lower front teeth. Wowsa!

Something tells me we might be on a roll with her teeth popping through. Stay tuned! :)
This is too darn funny!!

Well worth a few minutes of your time. :) Check it out!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My kid is so funny!

Tonight, after playing in the muddy backyard, the kids had a bath. While in the tub I explained that no, it wasn't bedtime yet because we hadn't had dinner. We were doing things a bit backwards. He asked what was for dinner and I said "I think we'll have TV dinners. What do you think?" He was all for it!!

After I made his dinner, I called him to the table. He came in with tears in his eyes and said "Mom - I thought we were having TV dinners." "We are." I replied.

"Doesn't that mean I get to eat in front of the TV?"


And yep - I am letting him do just that. Why not? I remember it being such a cool treat to eat dinner on TV trays in the livingroom when I was a kid. I bet he thinks it's just as cool.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Next week is D's spring break but you know what? I'm surprisingly stressed about it. I sense this "great divide" happening between us and it scares me....a lot. She came home last night, chattering away about stuff (and using language) to which I have no clue. I seriously felt like she was speaking german and I, being a tourist, had forgotten my translation book. So I told her I couldn't follow what she was saying and she acted all put off.

By the same token, I am feeling "less than" on this end because when she is here I feel completely taken for granted and/or dismissed.

The baby cried while we were watching TV last night and she said "Baby."
(like I didn't hear?) and then just sat there and waited for me to go to
her. I felt uneasy and angry that she just expected me to go instead of
offering to help. I don't know....I'm just frustrated. I did tell her that
it's a good thing she isn't taking summer classes because I'm not sure our
relationship couldn't stand the stress. I just feel so isolated from her -
like she is out learning all these things, talking with all these people and
doing all these things and I'm just....well...just here. It's weird.

But then the flip side is - my carefully constructed routines are shot all
to hell when she is home. I guess there is just no winning in this. It's
all about getting by until the end of the race arrives. I just hope we're
still in the race together at that point. Right now I'm feeling pretty
unsure of that. Afterall, it's not like *this* is all that exciting to come
home to at the end of the day. *sigh*
Looking into Babysitters

I'm looking into babysitters. Yes, D was *supposed* to do it but clearly it's not high on her priority list. Ok - that's not true. It's simply NOT on her list. She told me, in no uncertain terms, a few weeks back that if I had a problem with not getting time away then it was my problem to fix: not hers. Uh...ok. Thought we were in this together but whatever. (Yeah - I make it sound like I'm calm and all but trust me - that'snot how I feel about it.)

Yesterday at MOMS Club, one of the moms told me about a website that matches up nannys/babysitters with people. I signed in and filled out my form. Now I just have to see if my needs are compatible with someone looking for sitting jobs. And the money? Well...I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Have you checked out the new pages I posted over on my scrapping blog? Definitely worth a peek, if I do say so myself. :)
You Would Think I would Know Better.....

But apparently not. If a child is sleeping well or behaving well one should never, ever speak of it. For if you do, it is sure to jinx it.

Of course, the rain is back as well. *sigh*

Come on sunshine!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Tic Tac Toe....Three in a row!

Oh yeah - that's the number of GOOD days I've had. Things are really good right now. Kelton and I have had a couple of really, really good days and have gotten to have some much needed fun. A friend sent me some postings from a message board she frequents about what other moms are going through with their 3/4 year olds and that made me feel SO much better. Maybe, just maybe, it really isn't me and this will all turn out ok. :)

And...I may be completely dilussional but I honestly think I feel better on LESS medication. I feel more "with it" and I don't have the need to sleep when the kids nap. Of course - it could be that the sun is finally shining and while I don't enjoy the hot days of summer, the cool days of spring are just the ticket to lift my spirits.

Here are some photos of the kids.....enjoy!

Peek-A-Boo! I see you!

Riding the kiddie car and feeling like such a big girl!

Digging to China

Is it food or is it conditioner?


And this is why good photos of Kelton are few and far between.....the little goof ball!

It's too bad these kids have so little do play with, isn't it? :)

PS...have you seen the movies in the following posts? Leave me some love, will ya? Tell me my kids are amazing. :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Which Scrapbook Item Are You?

Here's mine:

You are PAPER!

You are an all natural basic person who likes to act as a foundation to others. You are willing to take a backseat in most of your relationships and let others take the spotlight, while you show your support and help them shine! Underneath it all, you are the one who makes it all happen. You are the focus and stability in any group, even if you are not the leader. Others look to you to set the pace and provide ideas for ways to get things done. But Paper Beware - sometimes you get a little edgy with the people who look to you for support and can give them some papercut remarks that can hurt their feelings. Remember to watch what you say, because you are best when leading by example.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everyone!

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A few goodies to share.....

Seriously: this is just a peek at what my every day life is like....CRAZY!!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I know you are all worried. I'm still here - still keeping my head above the water line - still coping. Everything is just so big and feels out of control. I'm feeling like a bad parent because I have "one of those kids". You know the kind....the ones you whisper about when you think the mom isn't listening. The one you just *know* is out of control because of bad parenting. The one *your* child will never be.

Yeah. Once upon a time I thought that, too.

Of course - there is always the possibility that I actually *am* a bad parent (and I know there are at least 3 people who probably still read this blog occassionally who are laughing themselves silly that it's taken me so long to see that).

I dunno. I hope that isn't what it is.

I guess we'll know for sure when the baby is this age.

Thank you all for checking in on me. I wish that you could help too but since you all live so far away, there really isn't much you can do except what you are already doing.

And....just in case behavior issues aren't enough, the baby stopped breathing again this weekend (she's fine), then she fell against the coffee table and bite half-way through her tongue - this, of course, sent us to Urgent Care and Monday, Kelton used his plastic baseball bat and smacked Kaylen in the face giving her a huge fat lip. Oh yeah - and yesterday was full of not so fun events as well. Such is my life, I guess.

But seriously, thanks for checking in on me.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Thursday, March 09, 2006

As Promised - Snow Pictures and Videos!

No, Kelton's feet are NOT that big - he's wearing Dakota's shoes. If you only have time to watch one video - make it #2. I think it's the cutest - a snowball fight and everything! :)

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We went to the Picture People today - isn't she just too cute???

Snow Snow and More Snow

Yep - it's snowing!! (My friend, Brenda, would say it's actually sleeting but she is a self-declared "snow snob" since she is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba (NOT Ontario as originally stated by yours truly.) It's not a lot of snow and it's still 36 degrees so it probably won't be staying but it's beautiful to watch and Kelton and Dakota are having a blast in the yard.

I took some pictures so once I upload them, I'll post a few.

It's a nice change of pace, that's for sure.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A few videos for your viewing pleasure.....

and the music videos don't do the experience justice. Let's just say that I need to make sure I have a lot more Tylenol on hand for the next jam session. :)

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Video Sharing at

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Art and the Artist

A person, of course. And that circle you are staring at is the guys tummy. :)

Come on - you know you see it. It's a mouse!

The artist himself.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Remote controls should come with homing devices........

...or at least a button you can hit that would make it beep for ease in locating.

I swear, this is the 40th millionth time this year that Kelton has misplaced one of the remotes. This time, it's the VRC/DVD remote. I remember seeing it on the coffee table yesterday but since then - it's anyone's guess.

I spent the past half hour searching the house for it. No luck.

So you know what I'm going to do now? I'm going to look for one of those hotel style teethers and lock those puppies to the TV. I waste far too much time searching for those things.


Breaking News: Remote Update
After much searching, I am happy to report that the remote control has indeed been found. The kicker here is it was Dakota, not Kelton, who lost it. She had placed it on the back of the couch to keep it safe from Kaylen's curious fingers and it had dropped between the back of the couch and the wall.....but not all the way to the floor (I already had looked *under* the couch, which can be done without moving the couch). In complete frustration, I pulled the couch from the wall and heard it hit the ground.

So - I apologize to my children and request that my wife keep better tabs on the remote she is using. :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is SO COOL:

There is this website business that will robot your website/blog and make up a "word cloud" based on it. They then offer to sell you a T-shirt with the image on it. They do other cool things, too that I will have to go back and read about.

Check 'em out: