Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Morning

In a word...my morning mostly sucked. Yesterday I developed an infection in the ring finger on my right hand. By night it was throbbing and awful. I did the things one is supposed to do: soaking, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream, etc. but the pain intensified as the hours went by. Sleeping was hard because of the pain radiating through my entire hand. This morning it looked terrible.

Clearly a call to the doctors office was in order.

I was seen at 9:30 and to the delight of my children, the doctor felt my finger needed to be lanced and squeezed. You seriously could have shot me and I think it would have hurt less. She looked up at me and said "Ummm...let's lay you down before you pass out on me." Oh yeah - it was intense.

She then felt a tetanus shot was in order since it's been 8 years and this was a bad looking infection. (Bonus: I am now up to date on the adult pertussis vaccine since it is part of the tetanus shot) Then came a script for 10 days of antibiotics and a couple days worth of vicodin (to help while the antibiotics kick in). Yes, my friends, it is necessary. I can't even begin to describe the pain. After the lancing and squeezing though I am able to mostly straighten my ring finger and it isn't the screaming bright red it was. Those are good things.

My children were waaaaaay too happy to witness me having a shot. In fact, when the doctor was discussing it with me, Kelton piped up with "I really think you should. It's only a minute of pain and if the doctor is recommending it, it's the right thing to do." His concern would have been more convincing if he didn't have a smirk on his face and if he hadn't followed it up with "Kaylen! Finally! Mom gets to know what it feels like to have a shot! This is going to be fun!"


He was right though. It was the right thing to do.

I have other things going on as well: the stress of job hunting and the toll it is starting to take on me, money concerns, etc. It feels like just when I think "Hey - this is going to be a good week!" all hell breaks loose. Maybe I should stop trying to think positively. Clearly, as history will show, it backfires on me. At least when I am negative, I expect the worst and am prepared to deal with it. Thinking things will be good and having it all crash in on you is waaaaaaay harder to deal with.

And on that note: here is a picture of my beautiful daughter, one of the only two perfectly perfect things I have done in my life, enjoying the new pool.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Updates from my life

For those of you on my FB friends list, you already know what I've been up to but for the rest of you, I thought I would entertain you with my Facebook postings from the weekend.

Enjoy! :)

Casey McCafferty Duncan has applied for some jobs, is working on the 3rd of a bazillion loads of laundry (note to self: remind Kaylen to go potty before bed EVERY night) and washed out a pair of boots that had poop inside them (don't ask.....there are some things that a 5 year old does that I will NEVER understand). All this and it's only 10:48am.

Casey McCafferty Duncan Another day.........another chance for amazingly great things to happen.

Casey McCafferty Duncan I cleaned the kiddos outside water table then I cleaned both bathrooms and the laundry room. Enough cleaning for today - now to enjoy the evening. You know....after I make dinner and make sure the kids have their baths.

Casey McCafferty Duncan is back from Ikea and Target. Thanks to my kiddos who were sooo well behaved today. And I mean that. It was fun to be out and about with them.

Casey McCafferty Duncan is wondering what the day will hold. It stretches in front of me like a cat in the sun. :)

Casey McCafferty Duncan is waiting for the munchkins to give in to sleep.

Casey McCafferty Duncan feels a little sad but also relieved that the Step2 play structure we've had since Kelton was 2 has gone to a new home. In its place will go their new big pool.

Casey McCafferty Duncan is getting ready to help Dakota load up the vehicles and move stuff to her new apartment.

Casey McCafferty Duncan Must Divinity be so darn good? I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten a pound and a half of it this week but I can't be sure. *whistling innocently*

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life Moves Forward

Dakota (and her gf) have found an apartment so I spent some time this morning pulling together household items for her to have. Towels, sheets, bathroom stuff, etc. are all boxed and bagged. Kaylen has been busy packing a bag of her stuff to have over there. Kelton? He's more of a "go with the flow" kind of guy. He'll decide visit by visit what stuff he will take. He's a funny one, that boy. Kaylen? She's my little "plan ahead" girl. So much like me.

I've made choices and decisions in my life lately which become more and more clear are the right choices and decisions for me. I am happy and peaceful and no longer living in a state of chaos and confusion. At this point in my life, I know what I want and need and what it is I have to offer and give and I know that to deny what I know in every cell of my body would be the wrong move.

To that end....allow me to introduce you all to Marlene. She is an amazing person and I am so grateful to have her in my life. The kids, hers and mine, are doing well and getting along (almost) perfectly. We all have spent a great deal of time together in recent weeks and it's been easy, fun and great. I couldn't ask for more.
Life is good. Really, really good.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Zoo

And no, I don't mean my house this time. :)

Friday, after my call-back interview, Marlene and I loaded up all three kids and headed out to the Oregon Zoo to spend the day. It's been over two years since I was last at the zoo though I think, for my kids, it was only 18 months or so. the day wasn't overly warm but it wasn't chilly either - a perfect zoo day, if you ask me.

The kids went nuts! They were naming off all the animals they wanted to see and were running here and there. It was a really good day. :) Note to self: Next time skip the sugar-laden Icee for Kelton. That was an interesting hour or so before he crashed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First and Last

You've all waited long enough so without further delay, here is the first day of second grade and the last day of second grade. Believe me, no one is more shocked by the change than I am. What a year it's been. (And son? Your hair cut looks goofy. Next time mommy wins. The curls stay. :) )

In other news.....I was contacted today for a second interview at the office were I interviewed last week. Could it be that the tides are finally starting to change? Here's hoping!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I need to post an update. I have been kind of sidetracked with life lately but I do have things to write about. For starters, today was Kelton's last day of school. I now officially have a 3rd grader and a kindergartner. Time goes way too fast. I will be posting first and last day of school pictures as soon as I upload them from my camera. I'm anxious to see how much Kelton has changed and grown over the past 9 months.

The job: I have no idea. I know they were hoping to have second interview this week sometime but I haven't heard anything. I'm trying to keep in mind that everything happens in it's own time and way but wow is it hard.

Personal life: All I want to say right now is "Nothing is constant but change." but all is really good and I am doing fine.

More to come later. Hey - I can't very well tell you everything now - I mean, what would keep you coming back for more? Hee hee! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Interview

So...the job. The job itself sounds good. The benefits aren't all that stellar which, when I was young, clueless and childless would have been fine but now? Now benefits take on a whole new meaning.

The pay is low but seems on par for a lot of office job here. It's hard because with so many people looking for work, employers really don't need to offer a great salary to attract people. I crunched the numbers and it would be tighter than I'd like but (hopefully) doable. The fact of the matter is, I need an income and once I have some recent job experience under my belt, if a job isn't the right fit for whatever reason, it will make finding another job that much easier. It's always easier to find a job when you have a job, and all that.

There are no medical/dental benefits right now. That is something that they are looking at as the business grows but for now, it's not offered. That is something Dakota and I will be able to work out though so it's not the end all of everything. There is no paid sick time. I can take all the unpaid time off I need but with kids who are sure to get sick, this is a concern. One week paid vacation after one year as well as a 401k after one year.

Not that I've been called back for a second interview or anything but I think it's good to look at everything and know what I can and cannot do in order to make things come together. There is always the possibility of looking into cheaper car insurance to save money as well as reconfiguring other things. My grocery bill has gone down from the time the spreadsheet was put together so that would be some savings. But childcare? That is a cost that isn't set in stone since I don't have any arranged at this time based on the simple fact it isn't yet needed. And the cost of child care is concerning...and alarming.

So many things to think about and consider but overall, I think I could really enjoy working at the place. And do you know how thrilled I would be to be offered the position? My self-esteem has really taken a hit in the job hunt area. I've never not been interviewed and offered a position for which I submitted an application. Times are different. Clearly.


Yesterday I had a reason to get dressed up. I had an interview. Finally. I haven't been called in for an interview since March and, as you can imagine, my frustration was growing daily...heck...hourly. Having faith that everything will work out sounded great way back when but it's been much harder for me to hang onto that line of thought as time has moved forward.

Anyway.....yes, I had an interview. At a small financial group not far from the house. The location is ideal since it's close to home and, more importantly, close to the school the kids attend.

As I was getting ready, Kaylen looked at me with a motherly look of disapproval and said "I don't think you look at that good yet. Do you have a black jacket to go with that?"

Ummm....really?!?! Fashion advice from a 5 year old who routinely wears patterns together that make me cringe? Really?? And no, I don't have a black jacket I could have worn. For goodness sakes! Sheesh. I guess I should be grateful that she didn't insist I wear a tuxedo shirt! Not that I wouldn't look quite dapper in one. It's just not my style...and oh right...I don't own one. :)

How did the interview go? I think it went well. They will be calling people in early next week for a second interview with a panel so.....I guess we'll know if I made the first round of cuts soon enough. It's a job I can see myself enjoying. The atmosphere and the people were very comfortable feeling. As for the work? I can learn anything I put my mind to so I know I could do it. Here's hoping I get called back.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Jog-a-Thon, Take 2

The school jog-a-thon happened today. As you might recall, it was scheduled for a couple weeks ago but a torrential downpour caused a reschedule. We all held our breaths knowing it needed to happen rain or shine today. The forecast? It called for rain. Of course.

Onward we went. It rained last night but I woke to no rain this morning. I watched the sky as the clouds came and went. It got very dark looking as the kids and I left for the school. As we were setting up, the sun broke through and I even briefly thought about taking off my jacket.

The kids all came out onto the field and we were off and running! I was in charge of the water table for the younger grades and that kept me moving the entire time. The kids were great although a few of them looked like the needed someone to be looking into affordable life insurance rates for them. We would encourage those kids to walk for a lap instead of running.

I was so busy I didn't notice the winds kicking up until water cups started getting blown around. One look at the sky and I knew.......we were in for it. The question was: would it hold off for another 20 minutes?

Three minutes later, we had our answer. The rain started falling hard and fast. Kids started running back to their teachers and then moving towards their classrooms. We were 45 minutes into the hour event. Not bad considering the weather we have been having for weeks and weeks.
We started cleaning things up and I went into the field to start picking up discarded cups. Needless to say, I was drenched by the time all was said and done.

On the plus side, the kids seemed to have a really good time and since it's a half day, they won't have to stay in wet clothes too long. :)

Next up in my commitment list is a walking field trip to the library for Kelton's class tomorrow (and again, rain is the weather of the day), a PTO meeting tomorrow night and then Field Day Monday. School is out for the summer next Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Giddy Up

The kids and I went up north last weekend to spend time with my family and one of the activities we did was take the kids horseback riding. They had a blast! Check it out:

Going across the scary-ass bridge. I'm telling you.....it is NOT fun!

Kelton and his horse, Dreamer.

Kaylen and her horse, Rainy Knight.

Cousins....after the ride.

Summer Must Be Coming

It's almost summer. Do you know how I can tell? Nope..it's not because the kids are decked out in shorts and tank tops. Nope, it's not because we are slathering on sunscreen by the gallon. Nope....none of those things, thanks to the rainy spring we've had. It's because suddenly the "For Sale" signs are popping up all over the neighborhood. These aren't houses in foreclosure either - these are the people who use this time of year to relocate to better schools or job transfers or simply because they have outgrown their homes (or maybe need to move to a smaller house now that kids are leaving for college).

The house next door to us went on the market this past weekend. I confess to being nervous when houses next to me go on the market because you just never know what type of people will be moving in.

Down the street a bit is another house. And further down? There is an rv for sale. Oh - and the garage sale signs are starting to pop up like weeds. Yes, it's true. Summer is coming. There is no denying it.

Quick! LOOK!

The sun is out. I mean...the SUN! I see blue sky and everything. I have to admit to being a bit in shock but then, I'm not the only one. Kaylen has been out on the patio spinning in happy circles as she munches on an Otter Pop. The girl is delirious that the sun is shining. My little outside princess.

And speaking of Otter Pops....as we do often around here....Kaylen needs an intervention. Well no...I suppose there are way worse things for which she could have an affinity but still. The girl is hooked. Maybe there needs to be an Otter Pop appetite suppressant akin to phentermine that I could sprinkle on her cereal. :)

It's crazy and yet, it's something she can get herself and is completely responsible with cleaning up, etc. so for me? I've got it made in that respect. She doesn't even ask anymore. Instead she walks by me, smiles that smile of hers and says "I bet you know what I'm going to do now."

Yes, my darling girl. Yes I do. Enjoy!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Help Find This Child


The news is terrifying for a parent....and a million time worse for someone like me who obsesses over the safety of their children. Safety, in general. A 7 year old INSIDE his school went missing on Friday. His school is across the river from us. Not far at all. Not like it matters how far or near, my heart stops whenever a child goes missing. But this child...this child was inside his school building.

Inside his school. HOW? How does this happen? I like to (pretend) think that Kelton is safe once I watch him walk from my car and inside the school door. I like to (pretend) think that he is 100% safe until he steps from the school bus in the afternoon. I have placed him, with all the trust I can muster, into the care of the school district. And now? Now I have a new terror to obsess over.

Maybe we should have a bar code scanner installed in schools and children have to pass through them on their ways in and out of every door. Yes, I realize that means they would have to be coded. I'm ok with that.

For heaven sakes - we chip our pets! Newborns are tagged into a security system in hospitals. Shouldn't there be a system in place to make sure our children stay safe at school?

Please let them find this little boy safe and healthy. And soon.

Raising Funds

The kids are planning a garage sale. The proceeds, they hope, will help finance a week at horse camp next summer so they have been going through their toys and books and making piles of things to sell. Except, instead of a bag full of McDonalds Happy Meal toys, you'd think they have a bag full of loose diamonds! The prices they plan to charge are well.....completely unrealistic for a garage sale. I've been gently guiding them downward in their expectations but they are convinced that a child-sized shopping cart should fetch $20. Ummm...yeah...I think I paid $15 for it brand new. :)

It should be an interesting process, that's for sure.


It's Monday. Again. I am exhausted which seems to be a near-constant state these days. The stress is a big part of it but the physical pain really takes a toll, too. Yes, yes - it's true and for those of you who have dealt with pain whether short term or not, know what I'm talking about. It wears you out...no matter how much you ignore it and pretend it's not there.

So...where was I going with this? I guess here: I'm still in bed. I got up and took care of the dogs, the cats and the children and then crawled back under the covers. I can do a lot of stuff right here on my laptop from my bed though really I'd rather be snoozing. :) Clearly that won't be happening though.

I'm trying to decide if the sun will shine or the rain will fall. At this point, it looks like it's anyones guess. I'm not entirely convinced that we will see spring this year considering there are only a couple weeks before the official start to summer. It's kind of strange....my head feels like we are in the fall what with the weather and all.

I see the ads in the paper sporting all the summer gear and it's hard to get excited about things like patio furniture, pools or even an outdoor electric grill. I'm just not feeling the whole "summer vibe" yet. Truthfully, the fact that Kelton only has another week of school blows me out of the water. How can this be? It's all like one giant mind game right now. :)

Hmmm...I wonder if this could be anymore disjointed. I clearly need more coffee....and possibly a shower. :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Morning....and it's raining.

I'd like to tell you that the day is off to a good start but that would be untrue. I would like to tell you I slept well and am ready to get moving. That also would be untrue. I would like to tell you that Kaylen woke up in a happy mood. THAT would be the biggest untruth of all.

This should be a very interesting day.

It's raining. I really dislike freeway driving in the rain. Add to that a 4 hour freeway drive and well.... *sigh* I have a feeling bedtime tonight will not come fast enough.

It's 5:44am and Kaylen has already placed a tearful call to Dakota. She's tired. A later than usual bedtime and an earlier than usual waking is a bad combination for her.

I guess I should jump into the shower and get this show on the road. Come on coffee...work your magic!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

19 Days

The paper today said we have had 19 straight days of rain. it feels more like 119 but whose counting? it also gave the glorious news that after sun breaks for most of today, the rain will return with a vengeance through tomorrow. Awesome.

The moss growth around here is incredible. Thick and green and well....kind of pretty if you don't mind knowing it's MOSS! It's everywhere. The roofs, the patio, the driveway and sidewalks, the outdoor furniture.....everywhere. Usually by this time of year it's dried up and been brushed off things. Not this year. There is still a very thick coat of it.

I'm not sure spring is ever really going to arrive. It's June 3rd, for goodness sakes! This is crazy!


This weekend the kids and I are traveling up north to hang out with my family. One of the activities planned is horseback riding for the kids. I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am.....oh wait. That would be because I'm not a fan of horses. They kind of scare me. (Long story but when I was a kid I was chased by a horse and I ended up giving myself a nice big puncture wound on the top of my head and I scurried out from under a barbed wire fence.)

My daughter, however, seems to be horse-crazed so she is way excited for the weekend adventure. She has her "costume" (overalls, boots and hat) ready to go. I'm sure she will be full of horse-related questions all weekend; When do we go? How long do I get to ride? What's a horse tack? It ought to be entertaining.

I'm curious as to how Kelton will do. It's anyones guess. I think we will be good to go if I can get him across the rope bridge that leads from the parking lot to the horse stables. I have my serious doubts he will go across willingly. he is definitely a little child from the last time (2 years ago) we went to see the horses.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mommy's Little Cowgirl

Isn't she adorable???? :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Road Trip

Yesterday Catrina and I took a long drive up the gorge and back...all told I think we traveled in excess of 200 miles. It was a spectacular day for a drive. I've never been that far up the gorge and I have to say, I now understand why people say this is a beautiful area. It really is! WOW!