Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Night

I've got nothing but instead of surfing the web and making myself crazy(er) I thought I would post something. As I was waiting for the page to load I reached over to grab the password/user name file so I could add some information for a message board I am working on putting together. When I flipped it over I saw something that stopped me in my tracks - a sticky note with unfamiliar writing. Well - not really unfamiliar but I'm not used to seeing it around the house just yet. Kelton had written down his password and user name for a new game he found and had been playing and then he put the note in the folder. Funny!

There it is, little boy writing on a sticky note. The first time of what I'm sure will be many, many.

First times are so sweet and special though. My little boy is writing down his important things all by himself. Wild. And crazy.

And he is reading like no one's business. And math? Don't get me started. He has yet to bring home a paper from school with anything less than 100% or a big smiley face. He whips through his week's worth of homework in less than 10 minutes and he actually said "Mom. Don't help me. I can do it."

Did you hear my heart break a little? Yeah, it did. I know he will need me at some point but for now, he's got it. Bittersweet, this parenting stuff. I'm thrilled for him, sad for me but mostly thrilled for him.

Dakota should be home around 8:30-8:45 tonight. It's an early night. *cough cough* Well - early when you compare it to 10:15, I guess. Tonight though I am particularly excited that she is coming home early because Boston Legal started last night and I cannot wait to watch it. To make me even more giddy, the 4th season DVD set of Boston Legal arrived in my mailbox today! It's Boston Legal overload - wahoo!!!! Of course, given Dakota's study and class schedule, not to mention the regular TV season, we probably will be watching the season 4 set all the way to Christmas. Still - very exciting.

I'm totally rambling. That happens sometimes you know - especially when a person is tired and overloaded. Oh - and did I tell you how the dogs are driving me crazy tonight? Geez lousie! Every two seconds they decide to bark, rough house, growl at each other or chase a cat. I am SO tired of it. Nights like this I swear I'm going to put them on the porch with a "Free" sign. Ugh! Hey - I gave away all my houseplants because I couldn't stand the thought if having to take care of one more thing....I just might give them away too.

Ok - probably not. Ok - I wouldn't. But they do drive me to want to take up drinking. I'm just saying.

I should stop before you all start thinking I really *am* drinking. :) Have a good night, ya'll.

PS..I'm not even going to bother with proof reading. Well - I never really do anyway but tonight I'm really not. So there. :)


Tina said...

He he he....there isn't an hour that doesn't go by in this house that Matt isn't saying something about getting rid of the dogs - taxidermy, opening the front door, taking them to the vet for their "shots"...wink wink. He'd never do it, but he likes to grouse.

Mimi said...

Been there done that....it breaks my heart when the kids do something that they DON'T need me any more....but just remember they will leave for a SHORT while but they always come back.....when they get into high school it is UNCOOL to be with your mom but now my daughter is 29 and a mother of 2 and I talk to her EVERYDAY so just hang in there.....

Julie said...

Good job Kelton. It's amazing how quickly they're learning, itsn't it?

Melanie said...

That is so adorable that Mr. Kelton is writing things down for himself (already)!!! I bet that was kind of shocking, endearing and a teeny bit sad all at the same time...