Monday, September 15, 2008

Check Me Out - I'm Special!

Thanks to Fern over at Candle at Both Ends for this prestigious award. :)

What, you ask, did I do that so impressed her? Well now - that would be the posting "The World Wants Obama" I have to say, it's a darn nice feeling that people read, and like, what I had to say. So thanks, Fern. It means a lot to me.

As the rules state, I am allowed to pick blogs to pass on the award. I am going to choose three blogs that are special to me. They are all parenting blogs and appear here in no particular order:

Finding Chaos
These women are busy raising three infants (a singleton and twins 5 months apart) while both working in demanding fields. Now if they can manage to keep it together, than I can certainly do the same with my two (three years apart in age). I'm so blown away by their family. Amazing!

It's Taking a Village
I found them by "happy accident" right after their son was born. (I followed a link on someones blog) He was a very sick little boy but I am happy to report that he is doing very, very well now. This family has been through things most can only envision and yet, they have come through it, albeit forever changed and a little scarred, together and strong.

Pieces of Gray
This blog belonging to an amazing woman who struggles daily with the legalized loss of her daughter, an amazing step-son and the journey to adding another child to their lives. Keri is the non-bio mother of a beautiful girl who the courts took from her when they awarded full custody (with no visitation) to the birth mother who claimed "I'm no longer gay and do not want my daughter around this person who, along side of me, dreamed of her, helped bring her into the world and raised her for years". Yet another compelling and heartbreaking reason why second parent adoptions must be made legal in all states. No mother, no parent should lose their child for the reason of "no legal relationship".

Enjoy your awards! :)


Sara said...

What a nice endorsement of us and our struggles. I'm actually speechless. Thank you, Casey.

Willow39 said...

Congratulation on your award Casey! You deserve it! Jeri

keri said...

Thank you, Casey. What a wonderful addition to my day! You also deserve this award.

carey said...

First - congrats to you!! And secondly... thank you!!! :)

Monogram Queen said...

Congratultions to all the "special" people!