Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Halloween

My characters - before heading out.

Kelton the Clown and Dakota the Knight

My Favorite Funny Face

Kaylen the Care Bear

Family Photo

The kids and me

The kids and me

Kaylen enjoying a treat.

It's all MINE!!!

We hope you all had a great night as well. :)

As Kelton Said.....

....even the weather knows it is Halloween!!

Look at the "creepy" fog that rolled in this morning. :)

I actually love, love, love mornings like this. When I got up at 7, it was 34 degrees. Brrrrrr......and oh so perfect for Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Party

Today was my MOMS Club annual Halloween party. My little Care Bear decided to ditch the Care Bear in favor of Kelton's old puppy costume and I have to say, it was nice to have a little puppy for the third time (Kelton was a puppy when he was 18 months and again at 2.5. His choice - we had a different costume for him though I can't recall what it was. Oh wait! Pooh Bear? I don't know...something cute. I know he was Pooh and Kaylen was Piglet on Kaylen's first Halloween but I think the Pooh costume was big enough to cover two years. So yeah - I'm going with Pooh.) Anyway - she was darling and she really got into character by barking at people when they talked with her. After the party we went to pick up Kelton and she was the hit of kindergarten pick up! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Popcorn Balls

I made Halloween popcorn balls this weekend. And yes, *I* made. I know this may come as a shock to those who know of my incredible dislike for all things kitchen/food related but really, these suckers are so easy and sooooooooo good that I just had to have them. The rest of the family was busy with carious things so that left me. So I went in there and just whipped 'em up. Sadly, a mere 36 hours later, I've eaten most of them but YUMMY!!!!!!!

If you are looking for a quick and oh-so-delicious Halloween treat, make these!!!

Best Ever Popcorn Balls

PS..I added the candy corn - it's not in the recipe. Just add a good size amount and roll with it. :)

Everything is OK

Wow - I'm touched by the emails asking if everything is ok since I haven't posted since ummm...Thursday. Thank you. Yes, everything is fine. Great, actually. It's been a really good few days with tons of fun but along with tons of fun and great times comes a lack of time available for posting. Monday morning keeps me busy in Kelton's classroom and afternoons are packed with all the stuff I didn't get done in the morning, plus the afternoon stuff and of course my daily phone chat with a friend. Time just slips away.

But yes, everything is ok and I promise to get an update posted soon. Kaylen is giving me a run for my money today and actually ended up taking a virtually unheard of hour long nap this afternoon. Might have something to do with the fact that she has recently taken to waking up way too early in order to see Dakota in the mornings *yawn!*. I know she misses Dakota and all but darnit - 5:50AM was just too early this morning. Of course now that she has a nap under her belt, bedtime is anyone's guess. She's been so clingy and needy this afternoon. Hopefully she isn't getting sick and this is just a lack of sleep issue.

But even so - life is good (minus the car seat struggles for Little Miss Kaylen - more on that another time. Maybe someone has a good suggestion for me.). Here are a few pictures to share with you:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two Days in a Row and Another Lost Tooth

Two days in a row. Count 'em with me; One. Two. TWO!

I've had two amazingly fun days in a row with my munchkins. I kid you not. Kelton had the day off from school today (and tomorrow and Friday) because of parent/teacher conferences so last night we talked about how we wanted the day to look. We decided that we would have a kicked back morning where we could stay in our jammies all day if we wanted (he made it until about 11 when they decided to dress up in costumes. After they were done, he opted for sweats and a t-shirt. Kaylen got herself dressed after I did around 10). We had nowhere to go and nothing that was pressing to get done and it's nice to have a morning like "the old days" of years gone by.

Later int he morning, at Kelton's request, I hauled out the costume boxes from the garage and, paired with the regular dress up clothes and the adventure kit they had some serious fun in the dressing up arena. Kaylen was a giraffe, a pirate, a bee, a princess and a dog all within about 15 minutes. Kelton opted for a vampire (complete with the freaky fangs), an inmate and a police office in about the same time frame. The living room was strewn with articles of clothing but wow did they have fun!

During lunch time, Kelton lost his second tooth. He called me into the room and said "I just lost my tooth! I thought I had a hard thing in my sandwich but then I thought to myself 'No! It's my tooth!'" He was quite proud of himself and tonight the tooth is safely tucked beneath his pillow awaiting the visit from the Tooth Fairy. He looks so funny without his lower front teeth though his adult teeth are already coming through. It's just so odd how quickly he is growing and changing all of a sudden.

After lunch came a knock on the door for our neighbor boy (also in kindergarten, also out for the day) so we invited him in for a play date. About two hours in Kelton came up to me and said "I think it's time for him to go home now. I'm tired of playing." He was so cute and sincere. So we ended the play date and I walked him across the street.

The rest of the day/evening was uneventful. The kids wanted to skip bath time which is a rarity around here but I figured what the heck. It's not like they were out playing in the dirt today. So after getting in a bit more playing, I snuggled them into the beds and read their stories. Kelton didn't want to sleep right away so I propped him up in his bed and he "read" to himself for about 20 minutes. It's becoming his new routine and he is really enjoying it. I remember well all the nights I would read in bed and I think it's so cool that he wants to do the same thing.

So - another big day at our house. Another really great day and trust me, I am thanking my lucky stars for two in a row. I'm loving it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Amazing Day

Today was just one of those perfect days from beginning to end. The kids were happy all day long and they were so much fun to be with! We went on another bike ride around the neighborhood but added a special twist; a scavenger hunt. Before we left the house we drew pictures of all the things we had to find on our way (a leaf, a mailbox, a pine cone, a flower, a "wish" (a dandelion that has gone to seed), a tree and a rock) and then we checked them off the list as we found them. It was fun and the kids really had a great time searching for things.

The day was stunningly beautiful again. 73 at the warmest, though in the afternoon a gusty wind started to blow. Kelton and I sat out on the patio and watched the wind whip through the trees blowing leaves here and there. The sound was great and the sun sparkled off the high branches and, against the blue sky, made it appear that the tree had glitter all over it. Kelton said "This is so cool, Mom!" and it really, really was.

Even dinner time went well.

After diner the kids wanted to go play in the yard, At first I said no but then quickly changed my mind - why the heck not? So out they tumbled to climb and swing on the play structure and dig in the sand box. I even gave them a wagon ride around the yard. Kelton said "Mom - I almost forgot it wasn't summer time." We stayed until the light started to fade and then it in was for a quick snack and bath. Even bath time was unusually peaceful and fun. Normally that is prime time for spinning out of control but instead we had a great time laughing and just being together.

Bedtime went without a hitch too. After stories and hugs and kisses they both just snuggled down and passed out (of course, it probably helped that it was about 40 minutes past their bedtime due to extended backyard time and an exceptionally long chapter in the book we read). It was just one of those perfect days.

Monday, October 22, 2007


That's how fast I feel like today has gone. It's just been a whirlwind and I'm not even sure what was done. This morning I volunteered in Kelton's room and since Grandma was out of town, I took Kaylen with me. It wasn't as bad as I feared but it wasn't as great as I hoped. Somewhere in between. Well, to be fair, she did really, really well. She was just a distraction for Kelton and at the end of the hour (I cut back from two hours to only one today because I know my daughter and what time limit she needs in order to succeed) she was ready to stop being so quiet and self-contained.

The really great thing about today was that the sun was shining - it even got near 70 degrees today which was unreal after the temps in the 40's and the downpours we've been having. But hey - who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? I loved every second of it. Kaylen and I played in the yard for a bit this afternoon and then the kids wanted to take a bike ride around the neighborhood. We had a really great time out and about - it felt so summer-y and yet the colors of autumn were so vibrant. Amazing.

Once we got back home we decided to hang out in the front yard and play in the leaves. I grabbed my camera and took photos. Not ideal outfits for photos (notice Kelton is wearing a Christmas shirt. He found it in his closet today. *sigh*) but fun just the same.

After that we spent some time helping the neighbor rake his yard and then it was time for dinner and all the chaos that goes with the evening routine (which also included a 40 minute call to Dish Network to help sort out a problem that my button pushing 2 year old created with the TV. *sigh* It wouldn't have taken so long but after waiting on hold for a long, long time the phone system dumped the call and I had to start all over. In the end though, the issue was solved and my kids happily watched Dora before bathtime. Yay!!)

Here are some photos from today. Enjoy! sure to look for the post about the pumpkin patch below. :)

The Pumpkin Patch

The rain had stopped falling finally so we decided that time was now to head to the pumpkin patch for our annual family trip. I love our pumpkin patch - it has so much to do. A hay pyramid to climb, a hay maze to run through, animals to pet and feed, free hot beverages, rope making, face painting, hay rides and, of course, pumpkins.

Since it had been raining for days on end the place was a muddy, muddy, slippery mess and yet we still had a great time! With our three trips to pumpkin patches this year we are well stocked for pumpkins and the really funny thing is, we only carve one. The rest I think I will let the kids paint. Kelton has a pumpkin contest at school that he would like to enter so maybe one will be used for that, too. Still....we have six pumpkins. I think that's more than we've ever had before (and that isn't counting the one that already had to be tossed because we carved it at my brother's last weekend of the one that we left at my brothers. No siree - my kids are not hurting for pumpkins! LOL!)

Take a few minutes and enjoy the day with us. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pitter Patter - or is that Drip Drip Drench?

A little bit of Pacific Northwest Autumn to share with you. Enjoy! :)

There's Nothing Like Digital

What in the world did I ever do before digital cameras?? Oh right - I bought a ton of rolls of film and I shot a ton of rolls of film and then I had to pay to have them developed and pray to the powers that be that out of three rolls of film I captures half a dozen good shots. I used to think it was no big deal to wait to see my photos (though I did rush right out to have it developed the day I finished shooting a roll) and besides, I loved having hard copies in my hands to place into photo albums.

Now though, with my digital camera(s), I can see the shot immediately to know if I need to try to capture it again or if I got the exact moment caught perfectly. I can make movies with the flip of a switch and I can download them, email them to people, post them online and order hard copy prints in seconds. And hey - I can rush right out to pick up the hard copies, if I want.

I confess to be horrible about getting hard copies which I'm sure will bite me hard one of these days. I do miss having photo albums to flip through but you know, I don't even know where I'd store *more* photo albums in this house. I already have them in closets and drawers all over the place. But I have them all on my computer (and backed up) in date order which makes finding photos really easy.

But you know, mostly I just love the instant gratification of digital. See the shot, click the button and presto! It's mine forever! :)

Now if it will just stop raining so I can get some more great pumpkin patch photos this weekend I'd be a happy mommy! :)

And speaking of furniture....

...which I was a few posts back, have you ever checked out Bush furniture? I found this really funny desk that I know my guy would have liked a few years back (I'm sure he would like it now but he's too much of a "big boy" to admit it!). Seriously how much more perfect could a yellow bulldozer desk be? Although my guy always called bulldozers "scoops" which I thought was absolutely precious.

This place has a ton of unique things - check them out if you are in the market for buying furniture.


My kid has a pen fetish. Seriously. He does. It's actually quite humorous because our house has begun to fill to all sorts of pens; some we buy and some we "acquire" from places like hotels and restaurants. I'm willing to bet that the ratio of store bought to promotional pens is skewed in favor of the promotional pens. Sometimes I feel guilty for having so many pens from places but then, that *is* why they put all their contact information on them, right? So the next time you see the pen you can remember all the fun you had while you were there which encourages you to make a return visit to have more fun.

Yeah well - that's how I'm easy my guilt over my son's need to acquire every pen (and business card, for that matter) the he can get his hands on. :)

Raining - Still.

Normally, I love the rain. I mean, I'm still loving it and all but holy smokes - we've had a week straight of nothing but rain falling from the sky. Well, that's not totally true. It's stopped every now and again and for about 15 minutes yesterday morning the sun popped out which was really just a tease. It made me realize how much I would like to see the sun for a few hours and how very much Kaylen would like to get outside to swing and slide down the slide. I'm actually missing all the "play with me - swing me higher!" commands from the summer days.

I still am loving my beloved autumn but I think I might be loving it more if the days weren't so wet so I could go outside and kick around in the leaves with the kids. All those leaves are just going to waste out there. So not fair!

I'm pretty sure by this point in the game Dakota is wishing for a piece of Arizona luxury real estate. She is completely not a fan of the cooler, wet days. I'm sure she wouldn't mind the cool, clear days but the rain is just relentless. It's been raining so much that we had to put off our trip to the pumpkin patch today in favor of waiting to see what tomorrow looks like. I bet they don't have that problem in Arizona.

Fabric vs Leather

Sometimes I think we were not the brightest crayons in the box when we selected fabric couches. I guess I didn't really think of *not* going with fabric because the thought of hot sticky leather didn't really do much for me. But with kids I'm thinking leather might have been a good thing. I can not tell you how many times drinks and food have been spilled on the couch cushions and how I struggle each time to clean it up well enough that it won't ruin the fabric before we are ready to buy another couch set (which won't be until the messy munchkins are *much* older!). Luckily we have brown couches so you can't really see the stains that surely must be there.

Yes, it would been easy to have implemented a "no food" policy in the living room from the get go and it might be easy enough (HA!) to do it now but that isn't likely to happen.

Maybe someday when I have that dream house I'll have a formal living room with nice, fabric couches. A room that the kids don't frequent unless they want to sit quietly and read (ahhhhhh! I can just visualize the peacefulness of a kid free, to free room). A room set up for my complete enjoyment. Then I can have a family room where I can place leather home theater seating which will be able to take all the punishment that a gaggle of teenagers can dish out.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh My

It's gotten to the point where I dread seeing an envelope from the loan servicing group for Dakota's school loans sitting in the mailbox. I see that red lettering and my heart sinks to my feet. I hold my breath as I open it and then oh so very carefully I turn it over to reveal the loan amounts to date. I know there are three more semesters for these totals to increase.


Reassure me it will all be worth it in the end because frankly, whenever I see these envelopes I can't help but think I would rather be having a colon cleanse as opposed to opening say nothing of figuring out have to get them paid off.

I'm just saying.

Puddle Stomping

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then you know my kids LOVE to stomp in puddles. You also probably remember that it is known to rain like crazy where we live. I confess that we have always encouraged puddle stomping, and rain walks and standing under gutters....anything that sounds like fun and is safe is fair game when the rain starts falling. Only......there is a downside to the rain games we have always played.

And that downside would be school.

It's been raining for days here. Days. So just imagine if you will the size of the puddles all over the school grounds. Kelton came home from school yesterday soaking wet and not that it would matter if he wore tennis shoes but he wears Crocs and well - they have holes by design. Imagine how incredible wet his feet had been for half the morning? I'm tempted to throw in extra shoes and socks so that he has the option to change after recess but I know him - he won't do it. Not that the teacher would probably allow time for that anyway. Sure, boots would be an option but again, I know my kid.

While Kaylen and I were waiting for him to get out of school yesterday she spied a gigantic puddle and headed straight for it. The shocked gasps of the other parents made my laugh out loud. One mom said "You are a better mom then me. That would NOT be happening with my child." I laughed, shrugged and said "We let them do that all the time." Of course I was thinking "Not now Kaylen! Now I have to strip you down before I can put you in your seat so you don't fuss all the way home." But really - she was only doing what she knows and what she loves.

This morning I stuck rain boots on her feet so she could puddle jump while we waited for the school doors to open. She had a great time and Kelton understood that he had to wait until at least recess to jump.

Sure, most of the parents and teachers would probably rather have
Celine Dion tickets than have kids jump in puddles but you know, childhood is so fleeting and I think they should grab their fun and happiness where they can. And I know that as a child there wasn't much that was better or more satisfying than jumping in a huge puddle and getting soaked to the bone.

So jump away have mommy's blessing and complete permission. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rosie's Book: Celebrity Detox

Has anyone else read this book yet? I confess, I enjoyed it a lot and I could relate to it. There was one part when I read it I said "That is SO me!" and I wanted to share it here. I didn't know if that would be copyright infringement or not (I don't think so but what do I know? I'm not the law student. *grin*) so I took a chance and wrote to Rosie in the Ask Ro section of her blog. I wasn't really expecting an answer considering she gets thousands of questions a day (and yes, I go daily and read her answers). Imagine my surprise and shock when I was reading the answers last night and happened upon MINE! I think I almost fell off my chair.

It said:
Casey writes:

May I quote a small piece of your book on my blog? I loved what you wrote and identify well with it.


So here goes:

The last time we went to Mexico. I was trying to finish a book when one of the staff members approached us on the beach. "Phone," he said. I looked over at Kel. It had happened, no doubt. A crisis of epic proportion. My children. A child. What?

Kel got up and walked into the hotel lobby, avoiding my eyes. I interpreted this to mean she had to look away from me, because she was scared too. I absolutely knew it. Our life as we have lived it was ending.

It took her about eleven minutes to come back to the reading spot. I knew this because I did Mississippi to sixty eleven times. I do not wear a watch.

Now Kel was walking towards me very slowly She didn't want to alarm me; it was obvious. She was trying to put the sentences together in a way I would be able to hear. I would scream, pound my chest, and try to drown myself in the sea as soon as she gave me the news. No eye contact yet, this was worst than I expected. She stared at the ground and came around to her chair, wiping the sand off with a towel. "Stalling," I thought. "She must be stalling." She wouldn't even look at me!

Now my heart was about to explode. I deserved this, whatever it was. The moment stretched to an eternity. Kel sat down, closed her eyes.

"What?" I screamed at her.

"What what?" she said calmly.

"The phone," I grunted through gritted teeth.

"The plane is at ten," she said, "instead of nine."

Then she picked up her Oprah Book Club novel and resumed reading.

I watched her. She sat totally unaware of all I had just been through. She read, my Kelli, my happy, non-neurotic partner. Thank God for her. She does not think that by some miracle of fate we were once again spared, but only for a moment. She thinks we are basically safe. I think so long as we have children we will always be living on the edge.

-Rosie O'Donnell, Celebrity Detox page 191-192

I can so relate to this. I always, always expect the news to be bad especially when it comes to the safety of my children. Dakota, on the other hand, is blissfully unaware of the turmoil life causes me because she believes you just move ahead believing it will all be ok. I, on the other hand, feel like if I prepare for the worst it either won't happen or I will be braced (HA!) for when it does happen. Maybe I think fretting and worrying and doing all I can to ensure their safety will keep them safe. I think Rosie's line of "I think as long as we have children we will always be living on the edge." is profound and dead on for me.

I loved this book but then, I really enjoy Rosie. Say what you will but I think she rocks and I love knowing that she is as neurotic as I am. :)

The Darn TV

Wouldn't you know it - even our TV has had enough of Barney. Tonight the darn thing went to a black screen with no sound right in the middle of Barney Goes to the Zoo. Frankly, I can't blame the thing - it numbs my mind as well but the kids had a fit. The power light was still on so clearly it is something amiss with the TV itself. I turned it off and on and it jumped back to life. This isn't the first time it has happened but I'm noticing that it seems to be happening a bit more often. Dakota and I bought that TV (a 19 inch, thank you very much which was a HUGE step up from our 13 inch that we replaced with it) in 1996 so I could watch the summer Olympics. The gymnastics competition needed a bigger screen, you know. :)

So now here we are, eleven years later and it just might be time to think about a new TV. Another piece of equipment that we can bore into a coma with Barney, Dora and Sesame Street. A plasma TV would be nice but then we'd need to get some sort of plasma mount for it since it wouldn't really work in our "old fashioned" TV hutch. I have to say though, I am kind of partial to the hutch (even though frankly, it should be replaced one of these days too)because I love being able to close the doors and hide the TV away. I'm not a fan of the TV being the focal point in the room (that is reserved for the mountain of toys stacked in baskets and bins *next* to the cabinet, she says sarcastically).

For now though we will limp along until the TV starts acting up daily. After that, we're going to have to do something about finding a new TV. A regular, basic TV because well, that is definitely more in line with a budget for a family of four with one income. :)


So tell me, do you dress up for Halloween? I do not. The last time I dressed up was 1995. Dakota and I went as cop (her) and prison inmate (me). It was silly and fun and since we worked in the same building it worked well.

As a rule though, I don't like to dress up. Dakota, on the other hand, lives for it. Last year she was a pirate. This year she is planning to be well....I guess I don't really have permission to let the cat out of the bag but trust me - she is going to be something.

I have a friend (*cough*Shawna*cough*) who dressed up in a wild and sexy costume last year (and dang if she couldn't pull it off! This year being pregnant and all I think she might have trouble finding sexy costumes to accommodate her growing belly but really, I wouldn't put it past her. I'm sure she will rock whatever she decides to be.)

So what about you? Do you fully embrace Halloween and dress up? What are you planning to be this year?

The Sleeve Shirt Links

A few weeks ago, at Dakota's Dad's tribute, Kelton adopted a pair of cufflinks that were his grandfather's. He, of course, had no idea what they were so a long conversation took place about their purpose. Kelton has been carrying them around on and off ever since. The other day I found them on the floor in his room so I picked the up and put them in a drawer for safe keeping. Tonight he, in all his 5 year old innocence, asked "Hey you know where my sleeve shirt links went?"

How could I not giggle at that one?

The Halloween Cookies

Since so many of you asked, I thought I would put up a quick post so you didn't have to sort through the comments to find the answer. Yeah - I'm nice that way. :)

The amazing Halloween cookies came from Cookies by Design and you can reach their site by clicking the handy dandy link.

And thanks for all the off-line emails this morning. I'm actually feeling much better about things after some sleep (amazing what sleep can do for your outlook, isn't it?) and I'm just out and out grateful that we've caught this stuff in the early phase so there is an excellent chance my sight will not be impacted in any real way. Just another thing where early detection is vital.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something to make me happy

And because I hate leaving my blog on a downer post, I'll share some pictures I took yesterday and today. Aren't they cool?

(I took this last one tonight during a huge rain storm. I love the way the water is bouncing.)

Frankly, the only thing cooler than my own front yard this time of year would be staying in a Vermont bed and breakfast for the weekend and experiencing the "changing of the leaves" there. Have I mentioned I love this time of year? :)

Just Breathe

I need to remember to keep breathing right now. Just breathe.

Remember that song titled "Just Breathe"? I feel that it's my mantra right now. If I just keep breathing everything will work out.

Where to start? The beginning, I guess and since I don't have a lot of energy tonight to rewrite it all, I'll take what I sent to my siblings and alter it a bit for here. Yes, I'm that lazy. :)

I went to the eye doctor in January and got new glasses. Since then, my eyes have been giving me nothing but trouble, Recently things have gotten worse, or maybe I just lost my ability to deal with it any longer, so I got a referral from a friend to her highly recommend eye doctor and went in today for an appointment.

My prescription was incorrect - it was ok (not great) for reading but distance was awful. I have officially entered the world of bifocals - though now they are nice enough to rename them progressive lenses. :) Hopefully the new glasses will do the trick for my vision stuff.

But here is the kicker; I am in the beginning stages of glaucoma. Normally there is a family history but I have never heard of anything in our family. The pressure in my eyes is unequal and high. The new doc had the old place fax over my records from January. The pressure was high then (though higher today by a point which is significant in a 9 month time span) but I was never told. I am now awaiting an appointment with an eye specialist to determine the treatment/management plan. Though it can't be "fixed" it can be controlled so that hopefully my vision will not be further impacted by the disease. Medications (drops or pills) and/or surgical procedures do wonders in stopping the progression of the disease and saving eye sight, or so I learned today.

So here's what I want to pass along: If you haven't had an eye exam lately, get one. Make sure they TELL you what your eye pressure is. If you have had an exam in the last year, call and ask what the pressure reading was. It should be equal in both eyes and under the magic number of 20. I failed in both areas so I have two big red flags.

So there you have it. Get it checked because damage cannot be undone - only prevented.

I'm telling you, the fun never stops with me these days. Yes, I still have side pain. I had the ultrasound and besides polyps in my gall bladder (which they assure me do not cause pain) my gall bladder, liver and kidney are perfectly fine. I am being sent to a specialist to determine if I might be experience "nerve entrapment" or some such thing. I guess it could be since I do have a titanium rod in my spine from when I broke my back 10 years ago.

Add to all this that I assumed (incorrectly, as it turns out) that my periodic dizziness is related to my vision/glasses and it is actually probably linked to ear problems that started in July and well.....I now have to add in seeing an ENT to my ever growing list of appointments. I saw someone for the ear stuff (mostly just really itchy and bothersome with nighttime wetness) the end of July when it started but was advised it was most likely linked to TMJ and was told there was nothing wrong with the ears themselves. That is the appointment that started this slippery slide. My sister actually said something tonight that I hadn't put together - several of these things might be linked and once the original underlying issue is solved, other things may resolve on their own. But here's the thing - with so many doctors getting into the mix, how can I be sure all the pieces are being put together? I guess I better start a laundry list of things and take it to every appointment.

And what *really* gets me here is that I haven't been to the doctor for anything other than pregnancy or routine visits in at least six years! SIX YEARS! And now I feel like my calendar is filling up with appointments that I don't have to the time nor desire to go to. I don't want this. It's just too much for one 12 month time span. Seriously.

All this makes me want to crawl under my animal print bedding and sleep for a month. Can you blame me?

Halloween Cookies!

Look what arrived on my front porch yesterday morning! Sweet friends of ours send them to us to brighten our day and Halloween season. I must report though that there are only 2.75 cookies left. My children made short work of them and since the cookies are huge well...I was forced to eat the parts that they couldn't finish. It was a tough job but that's what moms do. :)

I just love, love, love surprises like this. Thank you, D & L!!!!

What's Up With Blogger?

I have a couple of posts that I keep trying to get up but they need photos to go with them and for some reason, Blogger is freaking out when I click the photo button.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos to Blogger? Patti, I know you were having trouble yesterday.....

Yes, I could use a third party host but I'm not crazy about that. I like simple steps so I guess I'll wait a few hours and try again.

Meanwhile - you will all just have to wait to baited breath. What does that mean, anyway? Baited Breath. Is it breath that smells like fish bait? Eeeeeew.

Ah Choo!

I have a cold. It's getting better but for the past couple of days it's been downright nasty. The congestion, stuffy head, coughing - it's not fun. Kelton and Dakota had this cold but are now all but over it. Kelton still had the cough and Dakota is still a bit congested but overall, they are much better. Kaylen only seems stuffy at night so I think she is escaping the worst of it.

But wow - our house. It feels like we have medical supplies strewn all over the place. Vicks VapoRub, NyQuil, tissues, Tylenol, DayQuil, herbal's nutty how much stuff we have out here there and everywhere.

Here's something for you - did you know that Vicks VapoRub expires? What in the heck is in it TO expire? Our jar had a 2003 date. I went out yesterday and bought a new one and lo and behold - the container is even bigger than the last one. smart is that, really? Clearly that stuff lasts a long time and people like me fail to check expiration dates and just continue using it for years. If the container was smaller though we would go through it faster and need to buy more a lot more often.

And who had the bright idea to take the decongestant out of NyQuil? Yes, there are freaks out there who abuse this stuff but come on! Put it behind the counter for those of us who don't abuse it but sleep much better when we can breathe. Or hey - make both kinds and those who want the big gun one can go ask for it. I'm just saying.

The thing about colds for me is that they always end up in my throat and chest. I have quite the raspy voice going on which would be sexy and all if it wasn't for the hacking cough that comes along with it. :)

I need an Alice

This morning is one of those days that I wish I lived in one of those luxury homes that you see here and there. Of course, I would like my home to come with Alice the maid because let's face it, bigger homes mean more space which means more clutter which means more cleaning and well - I'd need Alice for that. :)

Normally, I am perfectly happy with our home - sure, it could be a bit bigger (one more bedroom would be great) but overall, it's a good place and oh so much bigger than the less than 900sq foot home we lived in prior to this house. I wonder though if you are every happy with the size of your house. Yes, when you first move in and still have extra cabinets available you are happy but what about a few years down the road? Doesn't' every one start filling up whatever space they have in a house and then pretty soon doesn't the house start to close in on you and don't you start yearning for more space?

Maybe that's just me. Maybe it's a sign that it's time to do some seriously clearing out of stuff no longer used or needed. Yeah - the luxury home and Alice *sigh* will just have to wait while I make do with the space we have.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Mother's Work Is Never Finished

Or maybe that should read "No good deed goes unpunished."

The kids were each busy - Kelton doing an art project at the kitchen table and Kaylen watching Dora in the living room - which made it a perfect time to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. I get to work feeling quite proud of myself because getting it done before dinner is sure to make the after dinner chore time that much easier.

So there I am, mopping away when suddenly I hear Kaylen calling to me. Only...she isn't calling from the next room. I go to find her and she is in my bedroom standing on the treadmill covered from head to toe in white creamy lotion. One quick survey around the room left me feeling like I wanted to run away from home. Lotion everywhere. Everywhere. The dresser, the bed, the pillows, the lampshade, the bedside table, the treadmill...all of it covered in small white, greasy hand prints.

I wiped her down first and sent her to sit on her bed while I worked at cleaning up the room. When I had a mound of laundry to wash (so much for having fewer chores to do this evening) and had done the best I could with wiping the hand prints off of things like the lampshade (ummm...yeah. Good thing we have new bedside lamps sitting the garage waiting to be installed on the wall because that lotion is never coming off the fabric black shades. I just turned it so the least of the damage is outward.) I went into her room and asked if she knew why I sent her to her room.

She said "Yes mommy. Me leave prints, prints, prints everywhere." I asked if she understood that it was wrong of her to have done that. Yes, she knew. She even apologized to me.

I hugged her and sent her on her way to play.

Prints prints prints everywhere. Indeed.

Help a Law Student Mom!

Have you been wondering lately how you can help a mom who is attending law school, raising kids and battling breast cancer? Well here's your chance! One of the blogs I sometimes read is Merits of the Case by LawMom and she is a finalist for a $10,000 blogger scholarship. As you can imagine, her family can really use the money. For more info and how you can vote, check out her post about the scholarship.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Patches Galore!

This is the year for pumpkin patch trips! This past weekend the kids and I traveled 4.5 hours to my brother's house without Dakota (who we left behind so that she could get in some serious study time) and we ended up going to not one, but two pumpkin patches! It was so much fun and the kids had a blast.

Friday we went to the place that was closest to my brother's house. The weather was spectacular and there wasn't anyone else searching for pumpkins so we had the place to ourselves. This kids went nuts - well, I guess more accurately, Kelton went nuts. He wanted practically every one that he saw. He ended up with a white one and a gigantic orange one. Kaylen decided that she would take whichever one she could lift. "Just my size, Mommy!" She picked on small orange one and two tiny white ones. She wanted to paint hers though so that required some fast thinking. We stopped at a store and was directly to another shop that had an art supply section. We scored with glitter paint!

Kelton wanted his pumpkin carved his a scary face. The only glitch in his plan is that he can't stand pumpkin guts so it was mommy to the rescue which in and of itself was pretty funny since I haven't carved a pumpkin since's been at least 12 years though I think much longer. Pumpkin fun is Dakota's thing and I'm happy to let her have it. But - what could I do? I had to jump in and help. I did the best I could and he was happy. In the end, that's what matters. :)

Cara helped Kaylen with her carved pumpkin. Kaylen wanted a happy face and Cara did a great job on it. We left Kelton's behind to help decorate James' and Cara's house but Kaylen couldn't part with hers so it made the trip home.

The next day we went to the farm near my sister's house and we were joined by my sister, brother-in-law, the two cousins and my dad. The four kids had a great time together running through the maze, shooting small pumpkins from a cannon (just the older ones) and picking out pumpkins. This time, Kelton wasn't a fun shaped one so the hunt was intense for one that he wanted. Kaylen stuck to her "as long as I can lift it life is good" motto.

After the pumpkin patch we headed back to my sisters and we all had lunch and the kids had a wild afternoon of playing. It was a jam-packed weekend with long drives on both ends but it was a lot of fun!

But wait! The pumpkin patch fun doesn't end here. Next weekend we will take our annual pumpkin patch trip here, too. After all, Dakota missed all the fun this weekend. I'm just wondering though - how many pumpkins does a family need anyway? :)

Still Here....

...or should that read "I'm back"?

The kids and I have been gone since early Friday morning and I was busy on Thursday with play group and packing so I haven't had a chance to post anything since Wednesday. I volunteer in Kelton's classroom this morning so I don't have any time now for a decent update but I hope to get back on-line sometime this afternoon (depending on my own personal "Kid Nation" around here). I have photos to upload so I can share, too.

All is well though - except of course we all have colds again. *sigh*

I'll leave you with this happy autumn moment though.....Dakota mowed the lawn on Saturday, which removed most of the fallen leaves, but by the time the kids and I pulled into the driveway Sunday afternoon the entire yard was covered in beautiful red, brown and yellow leaves! Covered! Ah yes - fall is here is full force! The neighborhood looks great in its new colors and it was such a treat to turn onto our street yesterday. Beautiful colors all around. *happy sigh* And yes, there was playing in the leaves and even a big leaf fight. :)

More later.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting Used To Missing Her

It's been a sucky 24 hours. I miss my cat so damn much it isn't funny. I honestly had no idea how integral she was in my life - how much a part of everything she was. My eyes keep playing tricks and I will see her here and there - but then my eyes will focus and it will either be nothing or one of the three remaining cats. Three. A year ago at this time we had five which yes, I know seems like a lot but it really wasn't. Even at night when all five cats were in the same room it didn't seem like a lot. It was just our life. Last night it was just three (plus the dogs) and it felt so wrong. So many pieces missing.

Everything I did this morning as I went about my routine made it painfully obvious that Taz is gone. No Tazzy waiting on the bed for me when I went to take my shower. No Taz greeting me as I came out of the bathroom. No Taz following me from room to room as I went about getting things done. No Taz sleeping on the back of the couch or coming in last night to walk across me as I tried to sleep. No meows heard when the house became too quiet for her (she loved the noise and chaos and if the kids were too quiet for too long she would start calling out and would only settle back down when the noise was back to a level that she liked).

Now don't get me wrong - she had her more than obnoxious qualities: the first of which was she needed noise and activity constantly (after the kids would go to bed she would cry and cry and cry and would take a long time to settle down). She would paw at doors and cabinets to make them bang - usually just because she was bored and usually in the evening or in the night. For years she was a force to be reckoned with at the door - she would always be looking for a way to escape into the big world and sometimes she did. We would have to chase her all over the place to get her safely back inside.

She was so tiny. Compared to other cats she looked like she was about a year old - very small and petite. It was hard to keep weight on her in the winter so she was given lots of treats and extra food. She never weighed more than 8lbs in her entire life and generally hung out around 6 or 7lbs. Her nose was so tiny. But her personality was huge. You knew she was in the house.

She was the only cat who would ever come out if we had company. Most people never believe that we had other cats because they are never anywhere to be seen but Taz was always in the mix. At the very least she would watch the happenings from the safety of the dining room table. Always watching her beloved chaos.

I miss her so much I can barely breathe today which I know might seem weird to some. But let's be honest, pets give us something that you rarely, if ever, get from another human - unconditional love. They just want to be loved and they want to love you back. It's a pure relationship and it hurts like hell to lose it.

Dakota and I are struggling. Kaylen, well - she's 2. She is ok with it but then again, how many times in the past year has she heard about heaven and people/animals going there. It's just reality for her. She did ask several times yesterday when Taz would be coming home. Kelton, on the other hand, we are worried about. He swings back and forth. He was really close to Charlie and after he died, Taz became his buddy. Never before had Taz allowed him to get as close to her and this summer she began letting him carrying her around (not always happy about it but she would let him). She slept in his room (which she always did for at least part of the night) and seemed to watch over him. The two of them became good buddies. Now she is gone. We're worried that he will just begin to feel like it isn't worth getting close to anyone or anything because they will just leave. But then, maybe all the talks about heaven and not having pain, etc. makes him feel safe with their leaving for this mysterious place. I know he talks about everyone being together and how Charlie must be so happy to have Taz with him again. I don't know - all we can do it watch, wait and see.

Grieving sucks and honestly, we've all had enough for right now. We need a break from bad news. We just need some time to be happy and feel safe. Is that really all that much to ask for?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

She's Gone

Tazzy, true to her independent nature, chose to leave this earth on her own terms and alone. Dakota went into the vet's office to sign in and take care of all the paperwork and left Taz in her carrier in the car. Taz was clearly dying in front of our eyes this morning and for about 10 minutes I thought a trip was going to be unnecessary. Her cries through spurred us into action because we didn't want to force her to linger and she was clearly in pain.

When Dakota went out to the car to get her (she left her there to spare her unneeded jostling and stress since she was in pain) Taz was dead.

We believe she chose that time to go. Alone. She had come out to find us this morning in the living room and allowed us to see she needed help. Then she let us all say goodbye but then she wanted to get away from us. We closed all the room doors so she couldn't go hide under a bed but left her alone until it was time to put her in the carrier. She clearly didn't want us with her even then so really, it doesn't surprise me that we saw her chance to go on her own terms and alone and took it.

We are all really going to miss her. As obnoxious as she was known to be, she had been with me 6 months before I met Dakota. Taz has been a big part of our life - which says a lot for a 7lb cat. Sure, she may have been a wee little thing but her heart was as big as the world.

Even though she was an indoor only cat - her heart longed to be outside. This summer I decided to stop fighting the cats and let them have outside time in the backyard (supervised) only. They loved it but none more than Taz. I'm so glad I gave her a summer of outside. She loved lying under the trees and play structure and she loved playing chase a a stick with the kids and she loved, loved, loved being in my lap on the swing and soaking up the sun. We all love you, Taz!

Seriously? How much more?

We woke up this morning to find Taz, our 14 year old cat, unable to walk or function. Dakota, thankfully, stayed home this morning because she wanted to be sure Kelton was doing ok but instead of just having breakfast withthe kids before heading to work, she will be taking Taz to the vet to assist her on her journey to the next level. I saw this coming in hindsight - she has been getting slower and last week at playgroup she stood and took the little hands petting her body instead of running away which is her usual style. The past week she has been strangely absent from her regular places.

But seriously? Charlie the cat in November. My mom in May. Dakota's dad in July and now Taz? How much more are we expected to deal with in this arena?

This is SO not fair and yes, I isn't fair but THIS SUCKS!!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Busy Day

Today was the day I was scheduled for the very first time to volunteer in Kelton's was also the first day this school year that Kelton woke up not feeling well. He developed a pretty good cold this weekend but he wasn't running a fever. We agreed that he would go with me and then he could come home when I was done. As it turned out, he lasted about 2 hours and then really wanted to come home which was good timing since I was ready to get going as well. During my time at the school I did some projects and helped some of the kids during various activities. It was fun and I look forward to more Mondays in the classroom.

Thankfully Dakota's mom was lined up to come over and stay with Kaylen this morning because as it turned out, Dakota accidentally took my set of keys along with her set this morning so I was locked out of my car. I was able to borrow Dakota's mom's car (and thankfully I have the emergency car seats in the garage!) and everything turned out fine.

When Kelton and I arrived home from school, he headed right in to my room and climbed under the covers. He called me in to snuggle him and he stayed in the darkened room, without watching TV, for about 40 minutes. My poor baby really *wasn't* feeling well. He had a low key rest of the day and I've decided that there is a decent chance that I will keep him home tomorrow to rest for another day. No sense running him down and having his cold last even longer than necessary - which may mean missing more days of school down the road.

Speaking of sick - my computer is still sick with some major viruses. One of them involves randomly playing radio stations through your speaker. Talk about a shocker the first couple of times. :) The computer guy took away the CPU and is going to do a complete system wipe out and reinstall. Apparently even "safe" sites can give you viruses these days. Nowhere is safe - and apparently YouTube is pretty bad though not as bad a MySpace. I never go to MySpace but I do click YouTube videos on blogs. I only recently started doing that and recently is when we started having trouble. Maybe a connection - maybe not. All I know if computer viruses suck and I've had my fill now.

Other than all that - it's been a pretty quiet day. The kids and I head to Seattle on Friday while Dakota stays here and spends the weekend working on the semesters big paper. I figured it will give her a good solid head start without having to worry about the kids. I'll leave my brother's house after breakfast on Sunday and will hopefully be home by early afternoon so we can get in a bit of family time before a new week is off and running. Time is moving quickly these days. Never enough time.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Autumn Nights

It's raining again tonight. Not all that unusual for this area but I have to admit, it's a bit of a shift to make after no rain for so many months. I like it - make no mistake but it's a shift, none-the-less.

We went to the mall this afternoon just for the fun of it and when we were in one of the stores we could hear the rain pouring down so loudly that we all had to stop and listen. It was amazing and I love the way the kids eyes light up when they realize that loud noise is the rain. While we were at the mall the kids rode the train and carousel, a few kiddie rides, played a few games at the arcade, picked up some candy at the candy store, played in the play area and even went to the library and checked out some books. And oh yes, we also had dinner. Going to the mall is an event for our family - it's almost like going to a small town. *grin*

It was still raining hard when we left which forced us all to make a mad dash for the car. We drove home in a downpour and we were all left giggling as we raced for the porch. After we put stuff in the house Dakota came up with the idea of letting the kids run out into the yard and dance in he ran and stomp in as many puddles and they could. It was time for bath anyway so why not? Kaylen took her up on the offer and the two of them chased each other around the yard and stomped in the water rushing down the street gutter. They looked like drowned rats when they came back inside (I watched all the fun from the safety of the semi-dry porch).

Kaylen was so cold when she came back in, as was Dakota. I was chilly, that's for sure. The dampness in the air makes everything feel so....well....fall-ish. It's nights like these that I sometimes wish we had fire glass to sit around and warm up by.

But alas; we don't, so a warm bath had to do.

Now the kids are fast asleep and I can still hear the rain falling. As much as I love the rain, I wouldn't mind having a bright, beautiful, crisp day tomorrow. All the leaves are turning such brilliant colors and I would love to take the kids out in the yard and gather up some leaves. Kaylen found a really amazing one earlier today - a big red and orange colored leaf. She carried it with her everywhere - and yes, that included on the carousel. :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Call the Tooth Fairy!!

Date: October 5th, 2007
Time: Approx: 6:00PM
Location: Red Robin

Event: Kelton lost his very first tooth!!

The Tooth Fairy made an appearance sometime in the middle of the night last night and left the sleeping boy a note, a very shiny gold $1 coin, a $1 bill (paper money, as he calls it) and another dollar in various coins. The first tooth is very, very special and is therefore worth more. In the future, all teeth will be valued at $1 each.

He is a proud, proud boy!

PS...He also has another loose tooth. It's no where near as loose as the last one was when we first dicovered it so this one will be a long haul's loose. Definitely loose. It's the other lower front one.

Friday, October 05, 2007

eBay Auction From a Mom of 6

Check out this (already closed) auction on eBay! It is too dang funny and those with kids will really appreciate it. :)

(Thanks to Jeri from my moms club who sent the link out to our group. This totally made my crazy morning seem less so.)

For those who asked about the Boo Bag game - I'll write up a short explanation this afternoon and get it posted for you. It's something really fun to do with your friends, co-workers, neighborhood, etc.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Day....

...another post that says "I've got nothing."

I'm not complaining really - it means I am happy, content and that things are moving along as they should. It just doesn't leave much for blogging. Boring boring boring......

Let's see - Kaylen and I had playgroup at our house this morning. I forgot how easy playgroup can be when they are 2 years old. For the most part they are happy to play with a pile of toys spread out on the floor while the moms drink coffee and talk. So easy. Kaylen had a few "less than stellar" moments which was a little surprising since she doesn't usually act like that around other people (believe me, she acts like that all the time when it's just our family but it surprised me a bit today during playgroup). Other than that - it was a great playgroup day.

My moms club sent out an email to let us all know that the "Boo-ing" has officially begun. Yay! I loved that game last year and I am more than ready for it this year. The kids and I took a trip tonight and picked up things for our Boo Bags so I am ready to roll. Bring on the Boo's baby! :)

Saturday Dakota's family will be here for a tribute for her dad. Due to scheduling conflicts, etc. this is the first date that has worked out for people to get together since he passed away in July. We're going to have a full house but our house just made sense as we have toys galore to keep the other kids in the family busy. Dakota's sister's all have grown kids with kids of their own so their houses aren't as "kid friendly". I could use some nice weather though so we have the yard as an option for the kids. Not likely considering it's October in the Northwest and all.

Tomorrow is Friday. I like Fridays. I like having family time dangling in front of my like the proverbial carrot. Family time in never, ever as idyllic as I would like but it's family time just the same and that's good enough for me.

Have a great weekend, ya'll!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ho Hum

I've been out visiting blogs tonight but I realized what I was really doing was avoiding coming over here to post something. I just have nothing all that earth shaking to write about tonight.

Kelton didn't have school today which was actually really, really nice. The three of us enjoyed a nice snuggle/silly/out of control time in the bed this morning before I got up and then we lolly-gagged around the house for a few hours. It was nice not to have to rush to get things done, everyone dressed, fed and out the door. We took our time and I even was able to read the entire paper *before* taking my shower. That never happens anymore. Lately I leave paper reading until the afternoon.

Once we were dressed and ready to take on the day we went out and ran some errands. It was just so nice to have both of the kids with me while I did that and I loved watching Kelton hold Kaylen's hand along the way.

We made it back home in time for lunch and then we all just hung out in the living room and watched some TV and played. It was low key and really nice. The computer guy came late in the afternoon - yes, it's true. We are still having "issues" with our computer. The next step is to do a complete overhaul of the thing and start over. After he left a couple funky things happened (a radio station just started playing through the speaker...there I was working on an email and suddenly men with heavy British accents were talking and laughing. They mentioned their call letters - BBC something or other. Too weird. I had to do a restart to make it stop. No clue what that's about!) so I think we are staring down the barrel of the last resort. *sigh* Such is life, I guess.

After that, it was dinner, playtime for the kids (vacuum/mop the house time for me since play group is here tomorrow) then bath and bed. Kaylen was a silly, silly monkey at bedtime and refused to settle down for the longest time. I was really proud of Kelton though - normally he would join her in her antics to drive mommy into a frenzy but tonight he just stayed in his bed trying to hear his story.

Once the lights were out, Kelton was asleep in about 30 seconds and Kaylen finally gave in about 15 minutes later. She's a wild one, that girl of mine.

Other than that though it's been a day filled with just the wonderful ordinary stuff of life. No drama, no trauma....just lots of time with my kids. I know a lot of parents are complaining about the number of days the kindergartners don't have school (all early release days for the older kids mean no kindergarten classes) but honestly, I am really looking forward to them. They are bright spots on my calendar when I know he will be home with us all day long. I'm weird that way. I miss him.

So that was my day. :)

Surround Sound?

Do regular every day people have surround sound hooked up in their houses or it is something that only a select few (ie: people without kids who probably have the discretionary funds to afford Bose speakers) have? Personally, I know of only a handful of people who have it...of course, maybe there are others and I have just never paid attention. Do you have it? What's it like? Is it like being in a movie theater?

But the most important question of all is; do I really want to listen to Dora the Explorer or Barney in surround sound all day long? :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Letting Go - Bit by Bit

It's so hard to let go of pieces of the kids babyhood. So, so hard and yet I guess there comes a time when it needs to happen. October 2007 was the date stamped on the bottom of Kelton's car seat. Not the car seat he is in currently but the one that was given to us as a shower gift when we were expecting him. Given to us by a friend who was also my supervisor and had previously been Dakota's supervisor. It was a gift of love from her partner and her for a baby that she was very eager to meet.

I remember looking at the date on the bottom of the seat before we installed it into our vehicle; October 2007. It seemed a lifetime away. Our baby would be five and a half years old. So far into the future given that he was still safely residing inside my body. We moved him from the infant carrier to his car seat when he was four months old. We remarked how teeny tiny he looked in his giant seat. I loved that car seat - it was so easy to install, easy to use and seemed very comfortable for our child. He stayed in that car seat until he was 38lbs which was right around his 3rd birthday. Kaylen was already with us by then but she had been given her own new car seat by Dakota's mom and step-dad. When we replaced Kelton's car seat with his new 40lbs and up seat, we placed the old seat in the garage. It's been there ever since as an emergency backup. We used it in Dakota's mom's car when we needed to borrow her car last winter while mine was in the shop and we took it on the plane with us to Disneyland last summer. Otherwise, it's just been sitting in the garage.

I've been acutely aware that the time was coming that we would have to toss it and it made me so sad. It held so many amazing memories - day after day in the car with my son for three years. I had witnessed him go from a small baby to an on-the-go preschooler. I wasn't sure I'd be able to toss it and wondered whether it would take up residency in the attic alongside the crib that I just can't part with. A car seat in the attic? Seemed a bit crazy even for me.

On Sunday evening, while I was taking the trash out for pickup, I knew it was time to send it on its way. It was raining outside and the thought of putting my baby's car seat in the rain like it hadn't mattered was hard to swallow. Then it dawned on me: I wasn't attached to the shell of the seat. It was the fabric and how it looked all put together. So I set about taking it apart. I removed the cover, and then the straps. Suddenly it no longer looked like the seat I once loved. I put the cover in the trash can and placed the plastic shell next to the trash can.

It still hurt a bit when the garbage truck came through and picked it up but not nearly as much as it would have had I not dismantled it.

I still can't believe the time had come to toss it out. It seems like only yesterday......

Monday, October 01, 2007

How To Swaddle a Baby - presented by Kaylen

Any questions? :)

I have to say, as a mom to both a son and a daughter I am constantly amazed at the differences in play. Kaylen is all about nurturing her dolls, playing doll house and dressing up like a princess (though she is also into dressing up like a princess so she can rock on out on her Wiggle's guitar!). Kelton is all about building with legos or Tinker Toys, cars and well - just about antyhing that he can destroy. It's just so odd and I don't think I ever would have guessed how innate behavior like this can be. I know have a clear understanding what people mean when they say "He is all boy" or "She's a girly girl, isn't she?"

Oh but their differences are wonderful and amazing and I never, ever get tired of watching them play. :)