Monday, September 22, 2008

New Stuff

This weekend I found myself getting some new stuff and new stuff tends to make me giddy. I rarely ever get new things as I seem to spend the "stuff getting" funds on the kids but I was wanting to get a cordless mouse for my laptop (you know - for all the scrapbooking I did this morning. Hee hee.) because the one we bought from eBay almost two years ago was well..really awful to use. So it was off to Best Buy we went!

I found the perfect cordless mouse for me. It's pink. I have no idea who makes it. I have no idea on the reviews. It's cute it's pink and it was less money than oh... say... Ferrari parts. And that was good enough for me. :) They did actually have these really funky mice (mouse-es?) that fold in half like a cellphone and while they were fun looking and feeling, I just couldn't justify $50 for a mouse when I could easily get one to do what I need it to do for around $20. Kelton was disappointed that I didn't get the cool one but hey - I'm pretty darn happy with my pink one.

Dakota needed to a new jump drive so we ended up getting a 3-pack set which means I had one to jump my scrapbooking stuff over to my laptop for today's "Excellent Scrapping Adventure".

New stuff is fun! :)


Audra said...

i just got a pink mouse for my laptop!

Monogram Queen said...

Ooh Ooh I am so wanting a Pink Dell Laptop ... a pink mouse would just icing on the cake!