Wednesday, September 24, 2008


...and again...I'm just saying.

Click on it, make it larger, take a good long look....and then pass it around.


A Jersey Girl said...

Yes, Look how the National Debit DECREASED while Clinton was in office, He had a Republican Congress. And they did an awesome job lowering the debit. Things would have continued that way if not for the attack of 9-11.


Audra said...

Emily- I see what you are saying, but a lot of our debt is due to a war that had nothing to do with 9/11. We invaded Iraq because of these "weapons of mass destruction" that were never found.

We are in a war that is costing our country entirely too much money.

If McCain is elected, we will continue to be in a war that will continue to cost our country lives and money we cannot afford to lose.

Casey said...

Emily: I'm really not sure why you claim to be undecided and an independent. Just from your comments here and then a quick walk-through of your blog (and comments with your comments back) anyone can clearly see you are republican. So fine - let's agree to disagree. I've grown weary of the back and forth. I will post as I please here and you feel free to do the same on your blog.