Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh the Joy!

Over the weekend, Kelton developed the cold that has run through the five of us (Kaylen, Kelton, Andrew, Stephanie, and me) in the recent weeks so he started working on me Monday morning to miss school. Nope - Monday he was ok enough to go and he went on his way with a backwards glance and comment of "Yeah - I knew I was ok enough to go. I just wanted to stay home."

Silly boy.

Tuesday, he tried again but my "mama touch" told me he wasn't running a fever so off he went. Upon arriving home, he settled in and did his homework and then cuddled up on the couch under a few blankets. I felt his forehead, it was cool. I meant to take his temperature but honestly? He looked fine.

Soon enough, Dakota arrived for her Tuesday evening time with them and I went to Stephanie's house. Not long after arriving, I get a call from Dakota. Apparently Kelton felt bad enough to go to his room so Dakota, upon Kelton's request, pulled out the thermometer and took his temperature. 101.9. *sigh*

I had given him cold medication but it didn't have fever reducing medication in it so I had her give him Tylenol. By the time Stephanie and I got back, a couple hours later, he was feeling better.

He had a rough night. Coughing a lot and then up around 2am asking if he could take a bath (odd....I know. But a bath is always the first thing the kids ask for when they aren't feeling well...either physically or emotionally). I told him he could. Then he wanted to watch a little TV. He finally headed back to around 3am. He started coughing. A lot.

I got up and rubbed his chest down with Vicks and gave him more cough and cold medication. Within minutes, he had fallen quiet and was sleeping. He was cool to the touch so I felt confident that he wasn't running a fever.

He was up for the day at 5:30am. UGH.

The 24 hour fever free rule being what it is, I knew he was home for the day. I took his temperature around 9 and it was normal and, thankfully, it's been there all day. And, I might add, his cough is almost non-existent and his congestion is gone. This kid has a wild and amazing immune system - he always has!

Tomorrow it should be back to school for him. Which should make working on my work project a whole lot easier (though I did enjoy the admiration in his voice when he said "Wow did all this work today? I didn't know you worked so hard!"). Not to mention trying to pack up for the weekend.

It looks like our weekend trip to see my family is still a go and for that, I am very thankful. It took a lot of juggling to make this trip work out and the thought of cancelling it, and then trying to reschedule it, was not something I was looking forward to doing.

And I have to give a shout out to Stephanie. She helped keep me sane on many different levels yesterday (as she always does). Thanks, darlin'! You mean the world to me. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Blast of Winter

Yesterday we woke to snow! I'm hoping that was Winter's last gift and that we can get onto moving forward into Spring. I'm ready for the air to warm up and, while I'm NOT ready for hot weather, I am ready to stop needing a heavy coat.

But oh the snow was fun! The school distinct issued a 2hour delay but I decided to give the kids a whole snow day - and I'm glad I did. We had such a great time! Once the roads started getting manageable, we loaded up all the snow gear and headed out to Stephanie's. She is at a higher elevation so there was definitely more snow accumulation out there. The kids immediately got into their snow pants, coats, mittens and hats and hit the yard full force.

Kaylen spent hours and hours outside. We had her coming in to warm up several times but once the dryer had dried her gear, she was itching to get back out. She made a snow house...well...snow rooms, I guess you could say. She made a bed of snow with a lamp and a dresser (complete with a phone and a book on top). She then made a table, chairs, plates and cups, a bathroom and a living room with a couch, table and chair. She almost had a melt-away Winter version of park homes. She was in seventh heaven!

Later in the afternoon, we all pulled on swimming suits and spent some time in the hot tub - which was surreal what with the yard full of snow.

If it was indeed Winter's last hurrah then I think it's safe to say we enjoyed it to the fullest! By the time we arrived back at our house, the snow was all but gone and the kids got to grab their bikes and ride around. Winter to Spring - just like that! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The PE Showcase

Last night, Kaylen participated in the Elementary School Physical Education Showcase for our district. She was sooooo very excited. She has been doing a special, once a week, after school PE class and then had a rehearsal for the big night. She was ready.

Now here is a little tid bit that I'm sure she will hate that I share with you. The girl can sweat! She is incredibly active - constantly on the move. She will make hurdles out of her tinker toys and run an obstacle course for a good hour around the living room. Every. Single. Day. She has, from the time of conception, been a mover and a shaker. Once, while inside me, she was awake and moving for 17 hours solid. No kidding! I'd say the only time she stops moving is when she is sleeping but that's a big fat lie. She constantly moves in her sleep, too. I guess that's why she can put away the carbs like she does and still be pencil thin. Lucky girl. Anyway......along with her constant movement comes constant sweat. And not the "glow" kind either. Oh no. This girl gets rank! Exercise, for her, is like effective testosterone boosters because she smells like a sweaty man after working out hard.

Last night, I put Secret deodorant on my 7 year old daughter in the hopes it would help. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it did. At least, Kaylen said it did. Not that I think she can ever smell her sweaty little self. :)

I didn't go to the showcase. It was Tuesday night, Dakota's night, and while there are plenty of times I give up my kid-free time in favor of attending their activities, school events or changes in schedule, I decided that it would be ok to miss out on the showcase. Kaylen understood and she did, after all, have her other mother and brother with her. If it had happened on a non-Dakota night, she would have had only me and her brother so I knew she would be fine.

I'm not saying she worked hard or anything but by the time I got home, 30 minutes after they had returned, Kaylen was showered, in her jammies, and on the verge of tears. A sure sign she is exhausted. After saying goodnight to Dakota, Kaylen jumped into her bed and before Stephanie and I could shut off the lights, close up the house, and head back to her room, the poor thing was sound asleep.

Oh but she was so proud of herself. And I am very proud of my never-stopping, constant motion monkey girl. Kaylen - you rock!!

Geek Me Up

Have you heard of the vlc player download? It looks pretty cool.

I stole this blurb from their website:
VLC 2.0.0 Twoflower is the most amazing VLC media player yet…
Simple, Powerful and Fast
Plays everything from Blu-ray to MP3
All codecs included (full list)
Mobile video support for Android, iOS, Windows and OS/2

Oh honey - they had me at mobile video support for Android. I simply must look into this because I have this silly dream of watching a movie on my phone. Ok - it's not really a dream but I still think it would be pretty fun to do.

I will readily tell you that I am not part of a geek squad in any manner. I am about as geek clueless as you can get though I still manage to muddle through. It cracks me up because after talking about techie stuff, Stephanie will often say "Well....geek me up on that, will you?" and I fight hard to stifle a laugh. Why yes, I can research what you need, help you buy what you need, install it and help you learn about it but I am far, far, far from a geek. (And here I am using geek in a very favorable manner. I wish I new my way around tech stuff better than I do)

I should tell her about this just for the "Geek me up on that, will you?" line that is sure to follow. Never fails to make me laugh. :)


Ummm...excuse me...but have you been to the gas station lately? I only have to fill up my tank every couple of weeks so needless to say....I kinda had sticker shock today.


I remember when I could fill my car for $11.00.

I'm sure the kids will understand why they don't have a college fund, right? "Sorry babies...mommy needed to buy gas and food and understand, right? I hear trade school is just as good."

Eh. Who needs food?

It's a darn good thing I have effective fuel pumps to help move the gas from the tank to the engine. I never buy those special fuel additives because, if you have a clean fuel pump, and a good one, you don't need them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Nothing is constant but change.

Life is about to get interesting but in a good way. There are changes afoot in every direction but they are good changes. Changes that bring the far-away future into closer focus. Change that means moving forward, moving on and starting fresh.

And I am excited about the upcoming changes. Sure - apprehensive, too, because change, by it's very definition means moving into unfamiliar territory but overall, I am very excited.

As a result, I am busy crunching numbers and completing spreadsheets. Dreaming and scheming. Yes - this might be made easier by something fancy like an elo touch but honestly? I'm a paper and pen kinda girl. I still pay bills with checks and I still record every financial transaction in a register. I keep track of every cent and I balance my checking account to the penny every month. I feel too much control is lost in the electronic world of bill pay and auto pay. I like to sit down and process the papers and see, really see, where everything stands.

So now? With all the new numbers to crunch and the new dreams to reach for, I am finding this an exciting time. I'm ready to move forward. More than ready, really, but definitely ready.

So here we go.......a new adventure ahead!

Post Surgery - Week 3

Tomorrow marks three weeks since surgery. In some ways, it seems a very long time ago and in others, not long at all.

Overall, I'm feeling ok. I still have incision pain but the most painful is the nerve band that, once again, was breached. It was damaged in my spinal fusion surgery and, if memory serves, it was the LONGEST time before that area was virtually pain free. Right now? So not pain free.

When I am upright, during the day, my insides feel ok. At night or first thing int he morning though, everything inside me feels heavy and in the wrong place. The good news though is that my massively painful reflux is gone. It's so weird not to be popping pills int he morning and evening every day. In fact, I am completely medication free which, if you think about it, is pretty great for a 47 year old. :)

A side effect that I am enjoying a lot has been the weight loss. It just fell off because well...a liquid, limited solid food, and small meal diet will do that to a girl. I'm ok with that though because I don't have to worry about researching diet pills or phytodren side effects.

I just have to eat smart from here on out and I will be fine...and happily in my smaller sized jeans.

A few years ago when I moved down two sizes in jeans, I felt cruddy when saying "Thanks" to people who mentioned how great I looked. It wasn't was heartbreak. But this time? This time I say thanks with a big smile on my face. It's a happy side effect of a miserable surgical experience. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

A blast from the past

You know all those friends on Facebook that find you after years and years and years? Don't you just love it ( know, not) when they dig up old pictures of you and then they post them for all to see? Oh yes...this is happening to me these days and while part of me thinks it is totally fun, the other part cringes slightly at my apparent awkwardness. It's not like I'm a totally geek who looks like I should be working at an accounting firm or's just that I look like a geek-child.

Yep - that's me in the blue and white poofy party dress. :) Those gold or yellow shoes? Don't ask. I have no clue. I probably loved them and wore them all the time. What do I know...I look about 4 in this picture.

But it's not like I dressed myself at that age. Oh wait. I was probably just like Kaylen and I did dress myself. The truth is, and I do have to tell the truth because that is who I am, I LOVED this dress. As in LOVED LOVED LOVED. As in totally twirly happy dance. I remember it well. And because I have an older sister (and because my parents loved to dress us alike as often as possible in the early years) I got to wear this lovely number for twice as long. It is one of the few dresses I was actually happy to have hanging in my closet in a bigger size (Lannon - I also really loved the brown one that was brown check on the top, solid brown on the bottom with faux suspenders. And I kinda liked the wrap around weenie dog skirt, too. *shrug* I don't know why.).

I have to say, the photos of me that show up from other people's photo collections kind of stun me. It is surreal to me that pictures, frozen in time...belong to other people.

Kids and Their Moods

Oh what a weekend! Let's just start this post by saying "Last week, all week, the kids had early release from school." Now let me tell you how much Friday sucked the soul from me. The kids, after spending so much extra time together (and fighting with each other through most of it) all week long woke up in a FINE mood. The arguments begun taking its toll on me within the first 15 minutes of them opening their eyes.

No. Seriously. It was that bad. And I really love my kids. I mean REALLY love my kids. But right then, so wasn't liking them.

I tried, in vain, to get them to settle down. I knew Kaylen, once she got to school would be ok. I also knew that Kelton, once he got to school, would not be. And, just like I predicted: he got himself into trouble several times over the course of his day. I feel so helpless when he comes home and says "Mom. I got into trouble today." My heart never fails to sinks.

When they arrived home, I heard "Mom. I got into trouble three times today." *sigh* Of course you did. I saw it coming a mile away. Instead of that, I asked why and how. And then we deconstructed the day and figured out ways he could have made better choices.

And then.....the kids started going at each other again. Kelton started going at me. He even got sassy with Stephanie (which he rarely does). He started in with Kaylen and it escalated from there. Stephanie and I put them on the couch and made them hold hands for 5 minutes. I'm still not sure if that new parenting strategy was a success or failure.

Sometimes I wish the kids came with bar codes to tell you their moods and, oh heck, while I'm dreaming, a template on the best strategies for dealing with them in that mood and the best bar code scanner money could buy. Wouldn't that be great? (It takes me back to my trying to get pregnant days when I thought a big bright dot on your forehead when you were ovulating would be VERY helpful but anyway....)

Then we packed and headed out to Stephanie's. Dakota and Vicki were going to pick them up from there. Things were no easier there.

Needless to say, when it was time to hand them over to Dakota for the weekend, I was overcome with relief....for all of us. The kids got new energy to deal with (and hopefully adults who were better equipped to deal with them at that point than I was after the very long week) and Stephanie and I had time to recharge our batteries.

Since we were out at Stephanie's, it was a quick decision to hit the hot tub to decompress. I felt MUCH better after soaking myself for about 40 minutes.

When I called the kids to say goodnight (because - oh yes! I went to bed before they were ready to go to bed), they were happy and all sounded well. They had gone to Rocky's Pizza and had a great time. I was so happy for them all....ok, well...for all of us.

And I am so happy there is only one early release this week. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jason Mraz

Have you heard Jason Mraz's stuff? I am totally loving it! He has a new album coming out in April and I am all over it. They are such teases though - releasing one song at a time. It works though because I am hooked!

There is "I Won't Give Up" which is my all time favorite right now but I just saw on the FB feed that The Freedom Song has been released. And umm...could it be more perfect? The official lyric video is set at the beach. Freedom indeed! The beach allows me to feel free, that's for sure.

Techno Wanting

It's no secret that Stephanie and I don't, at this point in time, live together. It is not without its challenges, that's for sure. The biggest one is that it can be days between us being together. With kid schedules, etc. it just doesn't always work out like we would want it to. So, I am trying to find a way for us to get "face time". She has an iPhone which makes it possible from her end. I have a HTC Droid...which makes it incredibly challenging. My laptop is old enough that it doesn't have a built in camera. Neither of us have iPads. Though it would only take one of us (me) to upgrade somehow because then the iPad or iPhone and her iPhone could do face time.

It's frustrating! Last night I went to the Droid market to see about an audio conferencing service or something of the like. I looked up a few but most have sketchy reviews for the Droid. *sigh*

All I know is sometimes, voice to voice just isn't enough of a connection. And yes, I realize that makes me spoiled because years and years ago, voice to voice was all there was. All I really know is I miss Stephanie when we are apart.

Snow Morning

I woke up to snow this morning. Well - "morning" is relative. The text I sent to Stephanie to share the news of the winter wonderland was clocked in at 3:57am. And no, she didn't answer. Unlike me, she actually sleeps. :) I can't fault her for that.

Anyway - the world was still mostly white when the alarm went off at 6:45am. The cement was mushy but the gardens and grass were white, white, white! It's so strange for this time of year. More proof for me that the seasons are changing bit by bit. And the poor tulips and daffodils that are poking through the ground. I bet they were a bit cold.

School was scheduled as usual so our morning routine stayed intact. I have to say, it's kind of nice to have a burst of snow and to still get to have life as usual.

It was really snowy out where Stephanie lives and she had an appointment for her mom that she needed to get to this morning. Their school district was on a 2 hour delay so after my two were safely on the school bus, I headed out to hang out with Andrew. It was stunningly beautiful out there! The roads weren't bad - dicey right near their house but overall good. But the trees and the ground were covered in snow and it was still falling. Beautiful!

I was so absorbed in the beauty of it all that all thoughts flew from my mind. No worries about calling to make Kaylen's eye appointment, no worries about the laundry or dishes or std tests stamford ct. Just pure white beauty all around me.

I poured a cup of coffee and watched the snow falling to earth...and dreamed of the day when I won't have to drive out there to enjoy the snow because I will just "be" there.

Ah the future. Untold possibilities. And I love it.

Tokens and Coins - OH MY!

So I found this really cool website. Apparently you can create something they call challenge coins for your organization. At the kids school, they use tokens and "paw prints" for increasing positive behavior but it is much along the same lines. The class collects the tokens and when they have enough, they get a class token party. From there, their tokens are moved to a school-wide jar and once that jar is full, the school gets a token party. Usually that is popsicles for a recess treat though sometimes it is a school-wide pajama day.

Anyway - this website makes the coins and it appears you can make them for anything - or any organization. Do you think Homeland Security collects tokens and when they have enough, have a pajama day? Personally, I think that would be really cool if they did. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Recovery: Week Two

So far, so good.

I still have some VERY tender spots. Areas that pull if I try to lift a gallon of milk. I had an episode of major acid reflux Saturday night. I'm not sure if I should worry about that, or not. I see the doctor on Friday for my post op so I will ask then.

For the most part, pain medication is not necessary (you know, unless a girl child gets all silly and ends up kicking you *really* hard in the gut in her squirmy-ness) for which I am grateful. I enjoy having a clear head.

I have spent a great deal of time with Stephanie and, for her part, she is taking care of me as well as I will allow her. And I admit, I have gotten pretty good about listening and letting her do thigns for me. Not an easy thing for me to let people help. :) The kids and I were out at her house this weekend and I am very, very grateful for her help with them and her incredible kindness and love for me.

There wasn't a lot of time, over the past week, for reading things like ITIL Books, or chic-lit. Mostly, we have spent hours upon hours talking and planning for the future. I would share details and all but....oh who am I kidding? No I wouldn't. :) I will just say that talking with the woman you love is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than reading a book. :)

I'm still on a restricted activity level for this week but you know what? This week, instead of fighting against it, I think I will just enjoy it.

Because life is meant to be enjoyed. :)

The Internet, a good thing.

It's strange how Facebook can bring people together. For all sorts of reasons, of course, but for me, I'm focusing on the "for good" part.

I've been reading status updates for a couple of my friends. One friend lives half way across the country and the other lives completely on the other side. They don't know each other. Or, at least, they didn't.

Their status updates became eerily similar over the past month or two. Child-based. Fear-based. Nothing as simple as allergies that an austin food allergist could help solve. Nope...instead it has been unexplained fevers, unexplained wonky blood counts. Multiple trips to primary care docs, cardiologists, hematologists, oncologists, etc. I read, with interest, their updates. I pray for their children. Then one day, by happenstance, their posts lined up under each other. Both children had developed unexplained hives.


I wrote to them both and asked if they wanted to make contact on the off chance that the moms could work together with their various specialists to try to figure out the reasons the children are sick.

They did want to talk with each other so, via email, I introduced them to each other. They shared blog addresses, and background info, and are hopefully finding comfort in the fact that they are not alone in the mysteries of their children's illnesses.

Chances are good they don't have the same thing but still - maybe they can help each other. There is something soothing in not being alone in your fear.

I hope, and pray, that they find answers so their beautiful children can get back to being children.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Surgery Side Benefit

Ok - all kidding aside from the previous post, I am still recovery from surgery.

I look like me. And sometimes, I feel like me. I have a couple areas that hurt like heck and that feel like I am pulling every time I sit up. It's not all that enjoyable.

What IS enjoyable though is I have lost some weight. I don't know how much exactly because my tummy is still swollen however my jeans? Those are starting to be uncomfortably big. But...I'm ok with that. :)

Not that I would recommend having surgery to repair a hiatal hernia as a viable weight loss option (because honestly? The liquid diet restriction sucks!). Perhaps some of you would rather take the apidextra route. I hear the pain from that is much, much less. And, I dare say, a lot less expensive.

But still - since I did have to have the surgery, the weight loss benefit is a nice thing.

I Am the Music Man....

...I come from Fairy Land....and I can play......

What can you play??

I can play my trombone.

Ok seriously. You probably just thought I lost my mind but that is a song that just popped into my head that takes me back to my days at camp as a Camp Fire Girl. I'm totally laughing to myself. Sorry. :)

I'm sure you all wish I had QSC PA Speakers so I could just sing my little heart out. Ok, maybe you DON'T wish that but still - it makes it laugh to think about.

I wonder if camps use PA systems for song time now. I bet the bigger ones do.

Ok - enough of being lost in my weird head tonight. Time to go get the kids moving towards bed. Right now they are brushing their teeth and I can tell you FOR SURE, they do not need a PA system. I'm REAL sure the entire neighborhood can hear them,

Fun times. Very fun indeed. know....NOT. :)

Books Galore

I have so many books waiting to be read. Reading is something I used to love to do. I would spend hours upon hours curled up with good books. It's harder now to find the time and energy to read but that, apparently, doesn't stop me from acquiring new books.

I wear glasses. Tri-focals, thankyouverymuch. And usually I have no issue with them but when I'm reading, I would LOVE to have a pair of regular ol' reading glasses to pop on my face. Having the single vision field would be really helpful because having three sections to see through can make tracking words on the page a bit tricky.

But then, I'm sure that would lead to me wanting to try a pair for distance so I could buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving.

And well....that would leave me needing three pair of glasses and that is just plain crazy. Like I don't have enough to keep track of. :)

Spring Cometh

Spring is quickly approaching. I can tell because it stays light until a little after 6pm, the sun is up when my alarm goes off, and I am serenaded by birds as I prepare for my day. This weekend, we "spring ahead" with the time.

Where did winter go?

I'm happy to see the sun more. I was delighted to see Kaylen playing in the backyard today after school. Life feels......well....better than it did a couple weeks ago.

My dad's birthday will be coming up soon and I never, ever know what to do for him. I guess it's time to shop dad birthday gifts online to get some ideas.

Not that I will actually put those ideas into action but it's always nice to look and see if some ideas will spur other ideas. :)

Growing Like A Weed

The other day, I looked at Kaylen and realized that her pants are suddenly hitting the "too short" zone. When did that happen? I swear to you, two weeks ago, those pants fit just fine. And I won't even tell you how she is wearing through the knees. The child is hard on her clothes - she is definitely my Tomboy Princess.

It seems like I just got the kids settled into a new wardrobe and yet - it's looking like it's time to hit some consignment stores again. I used to be such a pro at shopping the sale racks from previous seasons to buy the next bigger size for the following year. When they were little, it was so easy to stockpile clothes and have them ready to go when the need arose.

It's not so easy now. Maybe I should be looking at old navy jobs where I could get a rocking discount to use on close out items. It's definitely worth a thought - especially on the days when I head to the cash registers to ring up their needed clothing items. Shoot - just a couple weeks ago I picked up boxers, socks and 3 on-a-really-good-sale shirts for Kelton and two pair of stretch pants of Kaylen and I had to hand over $60.00.

If they could just slow down on the growing, that would be good. :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Resting......yes, mostly.

Contrary to everyones desire (and I'm definitely talking about my sister here) I have been spending time the past two days at the book fair at school. If you know me at all, then you know the book fair is THE event I live for during the school year. I. Love. It. Every single part of it. Not so much the prep work, though I do like it better than most events, but the week the fair is at the school, I am in heaven.

Sitting home, when I could be sitting there? Yeah - not likely.

Yesterday I went in with the kids at 8am, fully anticipating staying only a short while to help the kids pick out their books and then I would go home. thing lead to another. I finally left and headed home to rest for a few hours and then returned at 2pm to help close it out. Say what you will - but I was needed and I loved the look of relief on people's faces when I walked back in.

Today, I again expected to go, stay for a short while, head home to rest and then return. Except...I never left. Now before you get your lingerie bodystockings in a twist...I will tell you that there is a very comfortable couch and that soft spot and I were good friends throughout the day. There is even a picture on Facebook right now (posted by someone else but I'm tagged in it) of me sound asleep. Yes, I really did nap.

Yes - it was a long day but I didn't over do, I rested often, and I was with people. People are good for me right now.

Yes - I'm tired. But it's a good tired.

Tomorrow is a very busy family event morning. I hemmed and hawed over going but I think I'm going to go, stay behind the scenes, help as I can and just be part of it. It's an early release day so there will be plenty of time for resting in the afternoon.

What can I say? I love the book fair. :)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Aged in an Hour

Mommy freak out for one, please.

I think I aged about 40 years this afternoon, which would make me eligible for assisted living. Why, you ask?

I lost my daughter for an hour today. I only knew she was missing for 10 minutes but it was the longest 10 minutes to date.

She was supposed to stay after school for a PE activity so I went over to the school to be there for the end of the book fair day because I wasn't sure Kelton would know to come home alone. Both kids knew I was in and out of the book fair today and since the regular habit for the past 4 years is for the kids to meet me there at the end of the day. I let Kelton know where to meet me but didn't give Kaylen two thoughts since when we said good-bye this morning, she knew where she was going after school. So from 3-4pm, Kelton and I whiled away the time waiting for Kaylen.

The time finally came and I went to collect Kaylen. When the kids came out of the gym, I didn't see her. I asked the PE teacher where she was and was informed she never showed up. WHAT??!?!?!?!?!

I raced home, while calling the school to send up an alert. I was in full on panic mode. The kids have I have gone over and over what to do if, on the off chance, mom isn't home when they get home from school so my smart girl knew exactly what to do. She went to the day care down the street and they put a note on my front door.

Kelton and I went down to get her and my sobbing baby girl fell into my arms. I soothed her (and me) and rocked her back and forth. When she calmed down, I asked why she didn't have them call me and she said she couldn't remember her phone number because she was too upset. Many tears later (from both of us), we made it back home and settled in.

As it turns out, she had forgotten about her activity until the moment bus pulled away from the school and she didn't realize Kelton wasn't on the bus until she got off. My poor baby girl. :(

I am so glad I am one of those parents who try to trouble shoot possible scenarios before they ever happen. I get shaky when I think "What if we hadn't gone over an emergency plan? Where would she have gone? What would have happened to her?"

The "what if's" of parenting can drive me crazy.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


So - I am 4 days post surgery and, physically, I am feeling pretty darn good. My insides seem happy to be back in their rightful place though I will say, it's strange not to be thinking about taking my medication every morning and every evening. I had to put the bottle of pills away because my reaction is to reach for them before I barely have my eyes open, and definitely before my first cup of coffee.

Today I have sucked down three cups of coffee and I don't even have a hint of pain. I have to say, it's nice. :)

Today is the first day I have opened up my laptop because,'s the first day I have felt strong enough to do much more than huddle on the couch. Thank goodness I have a phone that I can do everything I really need to do. I love having everything I really need right in the palm of my hand. Smart phones rock.

Anyway - I am noticing an uptick in the people I know who have joined Pinterest - including me. I have no real clue what I'm doing there yet but I am reading facebook updates from people who liken it to a rabbit's hole which I take to mean, once you get into it, is hard to get out of because of the twists and turns it takes. I know that, for me, I found a couple cool things I've bookmarked (Pinned? No. I'm not even sure I know how to do that.) like a cool way to hem jeans so you keep the original hem in tact (which works because a couple months ago I hemmed jeans for Kelton and it was so easy and it looks so amazing!) and a cool easy to make photo collage for the wall. I imagine there is even a way to pin triangle know, if I knew how.

I'm guessing I need to spend some time in the rabbit hole and find out a bit more about it. I've got a good week or more of "limited activity" while I heal so I guess there is no time like the present to go exploring.

What about you? Are you in Pinterest? Thoughts?