Sunday, September 19, 2010


My head is spinning already and it isn't even 9am. I've already had to deal with a little girl who is stressing about school tomorrow and I'm sure that is just the first of many times today. In a while, a friend I haven't seen in over a year will be coming by for a visit on her way back to the Seattle area. My house? Yeah...not all that clean. In years past I would have been killing myself cleaning the house. This time? I'm still in bed. A quick straightening up will have to do. Cleaning the house doesn't even come close to the top of the priority list these days. The house is picked up, don't get me wrong. But deep cleaning? Not gonna happen at this point. :)

Yesterday we took the kids and went to Costco. That was a test in patience for me. It was still very busy and crazy and were the kids. They found a place where the rain was dripping through the roof and all three stood there laughing as the drips hit them. That was a good moment.

Marlene needed to get new contacts so we all hung out by the optical area and there was a huge eye chart on the wall that the kids started testing their eyes with. It's always shocking to realize how awful Kaylen's vision is without her glasses. And she must agree because she wears her glasses all day every day willingly.

We walked up and down the aisles...through blankets and pillows, toothbrushes and
men vitamin and got all the things we needed. From there we headed over the the mall and the new Star Wars store. The kids each picked out a lego Star Wars person and then it was off to the food court for dinner before heading home and putting kids to bed (Andrew went to his other mom since Marlene is working all day today).

It was a crazy, wild, frustrating, wonderful afternoon. Here's hoping for a calm Sunday. I could use it.


yankeegirl said...

((hugs)). Hope this week is better.

Anonymous said...

The dripping thing sounds fun. So glad that K has her new glasses! Hope this week goes ok. Have fun with your friend!