Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Little Gray Dynamo

Yesterday, Lucy, our little gray dynamo of a cat, went to kitty heaven. After 12 years of being in our life, and being the top pet in our house, she is gone. It's a shock. Not that we didn't know she was sick and dying because we did. She went from approximately 13 pounds to 5.5lbs in what seemed like the blink of an eye. A couple weeks back, Dakota and I talked about how we would handle things when the time came.

Over the past couple days I could tell she was getting weaker and weaker though to her credit, she really fought hard to stay with us. Until yesterday. Yesterday morning she was out and about but was only taking a few steps before sitting down. One look at her and I knew we were close. I had been thinking all week that she would choose this weekend mostly because I am on my own this weekend. Dakota and the kids are going camping today and Marlene left town yesterday for a family event.

Luckily for all of us, I chose yesterday to leave the school grounds not just once but twice. It was the second time I was home that it was crystal clear that it was time. I called Dakota and, with tears from both of us, we set the plans into motion. Dakota called for an appointment while I returned to school for the second recess. We talked on the phone once the appointment was set. The plan was we didn't want the kids to know anything other than I came home and found Lucy (the kids have been prepped for the past 2 weeks that her time was coming) and Dakota came to take her body to the vet to be buried. Given all that the kids have going on right now, we couldn't put them through the pain of seeing her and having to say goodbye.

The appointment was set for 3:30. School was out at 2:50. So Dakota came over and gently picked up our very sick kitty and took her out of the house before the kids and I arrived home. My job was telling the kids and helping them through their pain.

When I told the kids I had something I needed to talk with them about, Kelton immediately said "Lucy is dead, isn't she." "Yes honey...she is." We talked, we cried, I cuddled them.

Kelton pulled himself together and them developed quite the sassy attitude. That little guys hides his pain and instead puts it out as anger. Kaylen's tears would come and go. I took the lead from them and let them talk about what they needed to talk about. We focused on the two cats and two dogs we still have here to love. How we love someone even after they go to heaven.

Dakota arrived back and we all cried some more (she told me the details of the visit. Even the vet agreed she was more than ready to go and she left this world very easily.) and then we packed up the kids and got them ready for their weekend with Dakota. Neither one really wanted to leave me but after a walk around the neighborhood with Dakota, they went off with smiles on their faces and about 20 promises from me that yes, I will be here when they get home on Sunday.

The house feels strange. Lucy was top animal and everyone knew it. The dogs even knew it which is why Maddie would try to upset Lucy and why Jordan wouldn't dare walk by Lucy if Lucy was stretched out in the hall. It was comical, really. A small gray cat running the house. She took on that role very early in her life and always held the title of Top Pet.

Today though everything is off kilter. No one knows who is in charge and it's evident in the way the cats and dogs are wandering around. It's so quiet - you wouldn't even know there were four animals in here with me.

Lucy. She was an amazing cat and we are so lucky to have had her with us all these years. She was a teeny tiny gray fluff ball when we adopted her from a shelter when she was 8 weeks old and she stole our hearts immediately. She was definitely more "Dakota's cat" (though she and I bonded very well in the past year) but she will be missed by all of us very, very much.

We love you, Lucy. I'm sure Apollo, Jaxon, Charlie and Taz were there to meet you.


Tribe Mama said...

So sorry Casey, this has been quite a ride for you guys these past weeks, and losing a pet is never easy and is a lot to deal with given everything that has been happening. I hope you have a nice, quiet day and that the kids enjoy their time camping and come home happy and content tomorrow.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry.

Stacey said...

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like she was a wonderful cat.

Susanica said...

I'm so sorry about this loss and all of the losses you've been experiencing Casey. Hang in there. -Monica