Friday, September 24, 2010


Mimi brought up Kelton in her comment to my last post. No worries - he is not being lost in the shuffle. It is hard to give him equal time in the morning but he seems to understand that and instead of being upset and making it even more difficult for me, he tries his hardest to help Kaylen. It warms my heart to see him take her under his big brother wing and protect her in the only way he knows how - trying to tell her all about his school experiences and how school is fun and it's not scary to be away from me because I will always be there when they need me.

He is such a good big brother......when he wants to be. :)

Kelton is doing very well in school this year. All this teachers and specialists (music, PE, library, etc.) say that can see how much he has matured over the summer. He is doing very well in class and comes right home and does his daily homework. It is so nice not to struggle with him to get his homework done. As a result, Kaylen has taken to coming home and getting her homework done right away too. Sure makes the evenings less stressful.

Both Kelton and Kaylen have really gotten into building with Lego's. It's so much fun to hear them building and playing together. It's a good quiet activities that allows for them to interact and really talk to each other. I love it. I love that the TV isn't on as much and the DS games aren't going as much. The house feels calmer than it has in years....except the morning parts.

So no worries about Kelton being lost in the Kaylen stuff. I know exactly what is going on with him, too. :)

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