Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kindergarten is Exhausting

I kid you not. I am exhausted. No - I don't *really* think it's the kindergarten work that is making me crazy tired, it's all the stress and worry and well...just being at the school for hours and hours every day. Today I came home and ate way too many sour jelly bellies (which I don't even like) because that what I do. I stress eat. So by the time this is all said and done, I'll sure to be looking for weight loss supplements that actually work. And no. I'm not kidding.

Kaylen made it four hours today. Which, honestly, is 30 minutes more than Kelton's kindergarten days were and I remember how tired he would be after getting home. She did not, however, make it very long without me being in visual range. I'm am bummed about that because I was hoping to double up the progress with both longer days and less time around me.

I seem to be in a state of denial.

At 12:05pm, with 25 minutes left before early release and reaching our goal, she turned to me in a panic and said "I want to go home now." I didn't want her to fail at her goal so we agreed to get Fuzzy the bear and head down to her safe spot for a few minutes. I settled her in with her bear and gum and I left her to go take care of some things. When I got back, she was ready to go back to class. Of course it was time to get coats and backpacks BUT most importantly, she met her goal and can say she made it four hours.

I'm going to stick with four hours for tomorrow too with hopefully more time out of the room for me. I might just stick with 4 hours through Friday so she can have a rock solid block of time that she knows she can do. I do worry about what she is missing but I know she is a smart child who will catch up easily and while math is important, her mental health is much more so.

Now it's time to get my chores done, search for jobs and suck down the rest of my pot of coffee from this morning. I'm pretty sure bedtime for me can't come soon enough tonight.


Dakota said...

You are both doing great! I am so glad you are able to do this. Maybe things, like not having a paying job yet, happen for a reason. Our girl needs you to do this for her right now. It will end up making this whole transition way less traumatic than it might have been.

I don't think missing a little math will hurt her. Bet most of her classmates cannot add up money and give back change in a game of Monopoly like she already can!

Tanya said...

You know, at first I thought "the teacher must hate having a parent there 'watching' everything", but then I realized that she probably loves having another person there. I always get this feeling that the teachers would hate for me to be in the class, but I think that's just my insecurities.
As for the learning stuff, if either of you feel more confidant I'm sure she could repeat Kinder next year.
They'll get there. I have to try to believe that or I'll go crazy.