Sunday, January 08, 2012


It's Sunday and the kids and Dakota decided to have an impromptu lunch out together. It was a little strange to have her come and pick them up a bit ago but they are all happy and the kids will be back soon. I didn't really have plans today anyway...just hanging out having an "at home" lazy Sunday.

Stephanie and I have been working our way through the Gilmore Girls series so we have already watched a few episodes of that today and will probably watch more later. Right now, she is snoozing (Sunday naps are the best, don'tcha think?) and I am catching up on a few things. Sure - instead of blogging I could be watching mindless TV with the commercials that repeat at annoying intervals. ProActive? Really? Your commercials are *every where*. I'm growing tired of them. Maybe they wouldn't be so bad if they were 30 seconds instead of three minutes. I'd even take a minute but really? They are just tooooooo long.

I don't so much mind the ones for the best eyelash growth products or even the No No shaving egg thing. At least they are compact commercials.

I think commercials are the reason people have gone to TiVo's and DVR's. I know, that for me, I would much rather watch a TV show hours, or even days later, if it means avoiding all the commercials. I know that is how they pay for the shows and all but come's past the point of ridiculous with how many commercials they throw in there.

Huh. Apparently I have strong feelings on the subject. Who knew. :)

I think I'll get off my soap box and go back to having a lazy Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday and it's shaping up to be an unexpectedly very busy day. Oh joy.


Audra said...

I love Gilmore Girls!!

Mimi said...

when we are watching tv the hubby will look at me and say Commercial
and I will say it's Live and then he will say we too hate watching tv because of the and I can not nap if I nap I WOULD never sleep that night......I have a hard enough time sleeping as it