Sunday, January 08, 2012

Better Late Than Never

So the news, splashing across Facebook today, is that Kristy McNichol has finally come out publicly. She is quoted as saying something to the effect of "I'm turning 50 and I want to live without fear...or not live a lie..." or something like that.

Kudos to her. Really.

I'm just wondering why it takes people so long to stand up and say "This is who I am." It's not like she had a huge romantic lead actress reputation to protect (and even then...come out!! It can only help others.). She hasn't even been on TV since the 90's. She has, however, been living with her partner of over two decades. WHAT? Seriously. I don't get it. I actually feel bad for her partner for being kept a secret. I have been a secret before and it feels awful. I will NEVER be someones secret again.

Did she ever once think how her coming out with her sexuality would help others? You know, back in the day when people knew who she was (and come on - we all KNEW she was gay). Did she ever wonder if she could help some other teen maybe not go down the road of prescription drug abuse addiction (or worse) as they tried to hide who they were for fear of retribution?

Here is something else I wondered this morning, as I read the article: where was Meredith Baxter-Birney in all this? She was a co-star on Family with Kristy McNichol. She came out a few years back. Did she ever reach back to help someone who clearly was struggling?

How can we, as a gay society, hold the straight society responsible for not being more understanding if we, as gay people aren't more understanding and helpful towards each other? Kristy, for her own reasons, kept her life a secret (and, her partner was therefore held as "less than" because the relationship was denied publicly) but if we would all stop living secret lives and just put ourselves out there, the world just might be a completely different place. And maybe, just maybe, the bullying and suicides in our young people would go down...and maybe just stop all together.

If we all stand strong, if we all stand proud of who we are....imagine what a difference we could all make.

Good for you, Kristy. I'm proud you finally stepped up. I'm happier still for your partner who can now actually be *seen* as your partner.

Now how about the rest of you still hiding behind your closet doors? Come out, come out where ever you are!

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Anonymous said...

I think every person should come out when they're ready but it is sad to me that it took her so long. 20 years is a long time for her partner to be patient... or both of them, I suppose.