Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Rambling

The snow, ever so fleeting, is gone and in its place, is rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. I walked across the front lawn today and with each step, I sunk in the mushy-ness of rain soaked soil. The ground is so wet I don't see how it can hold an ounce more.

I'm kind of sad that we missed the record snowfall that the Seattle area had last week but then again, I'm not. As beautiful as snow is, they really got hit hard. Well - you know, hard for this area. I know most of the country has waaaay more snow than we do but for those of us who reside in the PNW, it was a lot of snow.

I'm pretty sure you would be hard pressed to find snow boots, hats and gloves in many stores after the last week. I think that part cracks me up the most - not many of us gear up with snow clothes for the winter so when the possibility of snow becomes a front page story, everyone runs out to buy boots, warm gloves, snow shovels, etc. It's almost comical. You know, unless I am one of the ones out searching in the hours before the storm is supposed to hit. Then? Then it isn't so funny.

It's those times that I am wishing for coldwater creek coupons, and free overnight shipping. But I guess you have to ask yourself "Where's the sport in that?"

Now - because I am who I am, I usually hit the after season sale racks and stock up for the following year. I bought snow pants for the kids two years ago that they still were able to wear this year. Kelton, not so much. He couldn't snap the bib part of his snow pants because he has gotten so darn tall but the pants worked well enough. Kaylen's still fit fine but they sure won't next year. Hopefully, in the spring I will find snow pants for pennies on the dollar so I can be prepared for next year. This year, Dakota picked up their snow boots, which was really great. Kelton had a pair that were too small, but could have worked but Kaylen had worn hers out last year from wearing them almost every single day to school last winter.

I'm willing to bet we have seen the last of the snow this year. Which is sad but it's just been too warm here. We haven't had our usual cold streaks of temps int he teens for a week or two. It's hovering around 40.....and it's WET. I wouldn't mind a few more snow days but I just have my doubts that will happen.

At least we had the one though. I'm grateful for that. :)

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Tanya said...

I'm frustrated by the lack of snow in our local mountain, which is never a lot to begin with. But this year I got J snow clothes so that we could get up to the snow as much as possible and so far we've had none. Quite annoying. Very glad I got the boots a size too big and still hoping for snow in Feb.