Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Business Loans

I came across information for bad credit small business loans and I have to say, at first thought this seems to me like a not great thing but then, when I started thinking about it, maybe for some this could be just the ticket out of trouble and back into the middle class.

When you first think "bad credit", you don't usually put that together with business loan. I mean...let's look at it like this: if you aren't paying your bills, why should you get a loan that ...you know...you have to pay back which we already stated, you aren't doing.

BUT......what if you had just fallen on hard time and defaulted on things without it being a habitual issue? Wouldn't you deserve a chance to start over? To maybe chase a dream that could put you back on track for obtaining the "American Dream" again?

Don't we all deserve a second...and sometimes a third...chance to try again?

I think we all deserve to chase our dreams and find success with that which makes us happy and fulfilled.

So rock on, people. Rock on.

Do good.

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