Saturday, January 07, 2012

Five Days Later

Here we are - 5 days after saying Good Bye to Jordan and I will say that we are all settling in. Kaylen still refuses to let me wash her bedding (though I told her the day was coming soon) and Kelton sleeps with a big, floppy stuffed dog that he got the day after he was born. He calls it his "Jordan dog". Maddie is doing ok but still wanders aimlessly, hates to be crated when I leave and well...hates when I leave the house. He big eyes are sad but she is slowly adjusting to life as the lone dog.

I'm doing ok. The first couple days were rough but it turns out, sleep is an amazing thing. I still need to train myself to get back to sleeping better (and not waking up 3-4 times) but, on a good night, I am logging 8-9 hours of sleep which is HOURS longer than I have logged per night in a very long time. I have more stamina for the day, more patience and I'm not looking at the clock in the afternoon counting the minutes until I can crawl under the covers.

Who knew sleep was so important?!?! :)

I was up twice last night but neither time was because of an animal or a child. Can I say how strange it feels?

I do miss Jordan but I could really get used to this thing called sleep.

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Julie said...

I can't believe the number of people I know who have lost their dogs recently. It sucks, bad. It's only been two days since we said goodbye to Sable and I'm hoping as the days pass it will get easier. Tell me it gets easier. Mostly I feel so incredibly guilty for having to make the decision we did but I think it was for the best. I just wish Sable could tell me she's happier now, pain free. I like your comment you left on fb about Jordan and Sable playing together. That really helped to make me feel a little better.