Monday, January 23, 2012

Kaylen is Almost Seven

Kaylen received an early birthday gift for me this weekend - pierced ears! She has been wanting them for well over a year now and over the summer I told her we would revisit the discussion around her 7th birthday.

She is three weeks from turning seven and a couple weeks ago the decision was made that she would indeed get her wish.

She was so excited! She climbed in the chair, brave as could be. Picked out her earrings (pink peace signs, thankyouverymuch), and waited. I wasn't sure what to expect but she surprised me 100%. She didn't flinch. Afterwards she said it didn't hurt a bit (I had been prepping her that it wouldn't probably hurt a little) and wasn't hurting after (boy oh boy - mine sure did when I had them done at age 17).

She ran to the mirrors and admired herself and then we picked out other earrings so she will have them when the day comes when she can finally change them. Stephanie bought her an adorable purple letter K earring wall holder to put them in to keep them safe.

For hours after, she would look at me and say "I can't believe I FINALLY have pierced ears!"

Me either, baby girl. Me, either.

Happy Early 7th Birthday!!!




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