Monday, January 23, 2012

Dreaming of Changes

I am feeling restless. It's that time of year when I need to clean out and shake up my surroundings. I've already taken two big loads to the donation center and every week I am picking a cabinet and doing a complete reorg of it. I didn't even remember I had some of the stuff I am finding.

Today I found myself dreaming of rearranging my bedroom. If only my bed was on casters, it would be easier to really be serious about. Not that I really could do much with it since the slider takes up an entire wall but none the less - the thought appeals to me.

I could shift my bed to the other side of the room, move my dressers and bookcase...but then, would I like it any better? I do like my room the way I have it. And I really plan to leave it as it is but still....every now and then I think switching it around would be fun.

Instead of moving heavy furniture around though, I guess I will just continue on with my annual purge of "stuff".

If only the kids would follow suit.

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