Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally - A Snow Day!!

This weekend, Kaylen attended a cheer leading clinic that our school district puts on once every few months and last night was the basketball game that she was invited to come cheer for. She was so excited and so stinking adorable.

The game lasted until about 8:30pm and when we left the high school gym, we were surprised to find snow falling - and sticking! We have been teased with snow flurries for days now and the weather reports just kept moving the timeline for snow further and further out so to actually see it sticking was pretty cool.

We got home and the kids promptly ran outside to make snowballs and have a little fun. We speculated about whether there would be school today or not. We all hoped for not because snow days are magical.

They finally came back inside and warmed up by changing into their pajamas and then snuggling on my bed while we watched the snow fall. We talked about the things we would like to do if the school district decided to call a snow day. Kaylen wanted to build a snowman, Kelton wanted to build a fire, I wanted time to just look out the window and enjoy the winter wonderland while I drank a cup of coffee. We decided a movie in the early evening would be a perfect way to end the day.

The kids ran off to brush their teeth while I got their rooms ready. I have a favorite memory from when I was a kid, my mom came into my room and opened the curtains so I could watch the snow fall as I fell asleep. I have done it every snowfall of my life since. I decided to do that for the kids. I pulled up their blinds and waited. "COOL!" yelled Kelton as he came into his room. "Can I keep it like that all night?" "Yep." I smiled back.

The kids climbed into their beds and I tucked them in. I returned to my room to watch the snow through my slider. They talked with each other back and forth and I just sat back and listened. Oh the magic of snow!!!

They finally drifted off about 10pm but I was no where near ready for sleep. I ended up staying up watching the snow fall until shortly after midnight, when I finally drifted off.
My text alert chimed at 4:18am. The school district had cancelled school. YES!!!!

I dozed, off and on until about 6:30 when I heard Kelton get up. Soon, whispering could be heard and then the shuffle of little feet. It wasn't long before I heard them enter my room and quietly say "Mom....we made you coffee!" Then they scooted off again.

I got up a few minutes later and went into the living room to open the blinds. Kelton started asking what news site he could go to to see if there was school. Silly bears! I said "School is closed today!" and they both cheered.

I noticed that the snow was starting to melt and a light rain was falling so when they asked if they could go out to play, I agreed, knowing it might be their only chance.

We measured the snow on the patio. Two very slushy inches.

They put on all their snow clothes and ran to the front yard. Snow people building began. I pulled on my snow boots and coat and went to help them a couple times. The rain was falling harder but it didn't stop them.

When they finally came back in the house, they were soaking wet and freezing cold. Hot cocoa all around, please!

We hung out and watched some TV together and I declared a pajama day. Just a bit ago, Kaylen asked to go back out. Kelton is staying in. Snow is beautiful and wonderful but I think he is getting to the age where he doesn't feel the need to be out there constantly. It's kind of nice to have a "window buddy" with me as we watch Kaylen build another snow family.

Snow days. Nothing like them!

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