Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Post Christmas Clean Up...or Not

Well - Christmas is over. I would say the tree is down, but it isn't. Kaylen doesn't want the season to be over AT ALL so I agreed to let things stay up until this weekend when she will be here to help me pack it all up.

Personally, I'm mixed. I wasn't but I am now. I love the living room all holiday'd out but with all that has happened in the past couple days (more on that later. It deserves it's own post.), I think I'm ready to have it all put away and cleaned up.

But the clean up - oh the clean up. The kids gifts are placed under the tree and the thought of finding places for everything is daunting. Kelton has always been reluctant to give away outgrown toys and Kaylen is following suit (she used to be SO good about saying goodbye to things!) I confess that I cleaned out the puzzle and game cabinet this morning and made way for their new things. I'm sure Goodwill was happy to see me coming. :) Perhaps they even broke out their Champagne to cheer the 3rd of January since that has consistently been the date I take a huge carload of stuff to them.

But for today, everything stays put. So if you still feel the need for a bit of Christmas, come over and sit in my living room. :)

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