Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kaylen Gets Ready to Turn Seven

In exactly one month to the day, my six year old will magically transform into a seven year old. I can't believe it, though I'm starting to because every day when I look at her, I can see how much she is changing and turning into a "big kid" instead of my "little kid".

She wants a Barbie themed party this year. Where did unicorns go? It seemed like she wanted a unicorn birthday for years on end. Or princesses. Now her world revolves around Barbie. And Junie B. Jones books. I swear she devours those books!

She wants to get her ears pierced for her birthday. I pushed her off this summer when she started in asking. I told her she would have to wait and maybe we could talk about it closer to her 7th birthday. Here we are, and the conversation has resurfaced. For the life of me, I can't think of why not.

She is one of the most responsible children I know. She wears her glasses every day and reaches for them first thing in the morning. She takes care of them quite well for a 6 year old - and does her best to remember to take them off when she and her brother get to wrestling. She patches her eye every single day without being reminded - even though she really doesn't like it. (She is hoping the eye doctor will release her from the patch next week when we see him again. I'm hoping too.) She does the patching at school. On her own. Each and every day.

I know she would be responsible with pierced ears.

There would be no need to get lapel pins custom made to remind her to turn the piercing studs or clean them with the antiseptic. She would probably have it all done before I could even remind her.

Sometimes I worry about her need to be ultra responsible but really? It's kind of nice to have a child who is two steps ahead getting her "have to's" done on a regular basis. Her teacher is constantly telling me she is a teachers dream student because of her level of commitment to anything and everything she does.

And it's true.

And I'm going to pretend that it isn't because she has an irrational fear of failing or of stepping one step out of line. Instead, I'm going to go with it and encourage her to always do her best. So far, it's paying off! Just last night she told me she wants to go to a "good college. Like Yale." and then asked me if I think she could do it. YES! was my answer. Oh my sweet child, there is NOTHING you and your brother can not do if you really want to.

Seven, huh? Seems like just last year at this time she was five. Oh wait. She was. :)

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