Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas Has Left the Building

After nine weeks of Christmas decorations, I am sad to say that we boxed everything up yesterday and put it away for another year. I know that nine weeks seems like a long time but for the kids and I, it went way too fast. Kaylen is so sad to have everything gone and I have to agree with her - the house is boring without the lights and colors. I put up the Valentine's Day decorations I have but they are so not the same. Still - better than nothing.

This morning, Kaylen and I took a quick trip to the grocery store and, on the way there, we saw a big Christmas tree recycling event in the parking lot of a church. Kaylen was full of questions: Why do they chip up the trees? What do they do with all the chipped up trees?

Composting is right up this child's alley. I'm pretty sure a good Christmas gift for her would have been a tumbling composter. All things garden related she is all over. I feel kind of bad because she didn't get to garden as much this past summer as she has in years gone by. I'm NOT a gardener and getting dirty isn't really my thing BUT..she loves it which means I see spring garden clean up in my future. Homemade soil would be a really good thing to have on hand, wouldn't it? :)

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