Thursday, January 12, 2012


The neighbor had the plumber over last night. I can only guess it was an emergency call from the lateness of the hour. It made me sad for her because problems suck and they cost a freakin' arm and leg!

It made me think back to the days I lived in a duplex. It seemed like we had the plumber over a few times too many to deal with things (all on the landlords tab, thank goodness!) and I have to say, I have not missed needing to call a plumber in all the years since.

Sure - I've had minor plumbing issues in recent years but a $60 auger and sheer determination fixed that problem - oh, and explaining to Kaylen that you just can't flush an entire roll of toilet paper at one time.

Thankfully, I've had nothing as serious as flooding from a burst pipe which would require something like a goulds pump. But just watch - I just angered the plumbing gods. I should know better. I'm sure it's something like telling someone that your baby slept through the night. You just assured yourself that that miracle won't be happening again for a long while. Or getting a wee bit of extra money. It seems that the appliances conspire against you and the next thing you know, you have spent the "extra" money and then some.

I shouldn't tempt fate. I know better than that.

Or I would have thought.

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