Saturday, January 07, 2012

Crazy Friday

Yesterday was a strange but good day. I started the day off doing a bit of freelance work and, in the middle of it, I received a text from a friend asking if I wanted to meet for coffee. We made plans and I went about the rest of my morning and then drove to a nearby Starbucks to meet her. We chatted for a while and caught up on each others lives, which was awesome. All too soon, it was time to say goodbye. I came back home and got busy working on bills, PTO things and answering some emails that had come in. *BING* My text went off again. Same friend; saying thank you for meeting, let's do it again soon and "oh...did I mention (insert life changing information here)." (And no - I'm not going to tell you what that info is because I am a good friend and it is not my news to share.)

The texts flew fast and furious for a few minutes as I tried to figure out why, when I asked "So what's new with you?" she said "Oh not much...." I text'd her a sassy response saying that when I used that opening line, it would have been a good time to have decided to share it with me instead of know...TWO hours later, after we said our goodbyes. :)

Anyway - I said "This is too big for text. When can you meet again?" "Now." came the answer. So I finished what I was working on and drove to another Starbucks. I'm telling you, I spent so many hours in Starbucks yesterday that I think I can name all their restaurant equipment. Hee hee.

So we met for another little while as she brought me up to date. I gave my thoughts on everything she was saying and it was a really good conversation. We ended our second meeting when it was time for me to get home to meet the school bus. Not nearly enough time to talk about everything she needs to talk about but a really good starting place. We left with the promise to get together more often for face to face catch up time. Texting is fine, and we do that often, but nothing beats the open hearted, face to face communication and back and forth "thinking out loud" process.

I don't envy the road she is on but I do support her 100% with whatever she decides is her best option. Because that is what friends do.

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