Wednesday, May 19, 2010


If you are on Facebook (and really? Who isn't?) do you ever notice how several of your friends will post updates having to do with the same thing? Like "I'm so tired this morning." Or "Today I'm contemplating my life." Or "My water heater has gone out. What do I do now?" Or "Does anyone have any experience with stone sinks?"

It's like there is a synchronicity among the people I have on my friends list. It's crazy and yet intriguing all at the same time.

Maybe it's just the human experience. Still - it amuses me. :)


Zach said...

Your other post disappeared but still showed up on Google reader via the magic of RSS.
What about skype so they can talk for free more often? Will D have internet access?

Casey said...

I deleted it. :) I knew it was still on the reader because I could see it on mine but really? It was just 4AM venting and once I had enough coffee in me I realized it should come down. :)

We have's the time difference that is the problem. 8 hours is a huge thing to overcome with small children who have early bedtimes and school and for a mom who will be traveling with friends and taking in the sights. I know Dakota is hard at work trying to figure out how she can connect with the kids because it's crystal clear in the past two days how much they need that from her.

So onward we go.....doing the best we can.