Monday, May 24, 2010

Ah Yes.....Evenings.

I'm tired. As in my eyes are burning and my head is pounding tired. Tired of the kids getting on each others nerves no matter how many times I redirect and help them find new things to do that have nothing to do with each other. I get they are out of sorts - it's evening and it's when the "I miss Mom." comments start increasing. I remind them that even if she were in town right now, she wouldn't be here tonight. "Yeah," they counter, "but we could call her as much as we wanted." "Yes true but let's be glad she doesn't live this far away all the time. This is just a small amount of time."

I can tell the stress of their stress is affecting me because I am hitting the kitchen at an alarming rate. And this after almost a year of hardly going in there unless it was to cook something for the kids. If I'm not careful I will need to start reading a lipozene review because there is no way I will graduate myself into my bigger jeans. No way, no how.

I need to go back to reaching for glass after glass of water during the day. That will help in many ways, I'm sure. And if the sun ever graces us with its appearance again, walks and bike rides would be nice, too.

I checked the weather doesn't look like anything but rain for the next four least. Blick.

Only one more hour until bedtime.

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Tanya said...

Does this mean that you get a nice long, relaxing weekend alone when D gets back? :)