Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pittock Mansion

A couple weeks ago, a friend took me to see some of the sights in Portland which, after 8 years of living here, I am embarrassed to admit I had never seen. I have a good excuse though - I've been very busy raising newborns into children and honestly, many, many things took a backseat during those early years. of the places she took me to see the Pittock Mansion, which was incredible! I love that type of stuff though so if you don't, I imagine it wouldn't be incredible to you. :)

It's completely restored and decorated in period furniture and it was so much fun to walk through. There was even a smoking room which left me with the feeling that I should go to the opus x website and order some cigars. :)

I didn't get photos on the inside (I was way too busy looking at everything and reading the information plaques) but I did get one of the outside as well as the few of Portland from one of the upstairs windows.

Check it out:

Oh yes, I could very easily live in a place like long as I had a really great cleaning service. :)

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Sara S. said...


You should go back during the holidays, they decorate it with a different theme every year!