Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The First 24 Hours

Yesterday was the first day ever that the kids had zero contact with Dakota. In their entire lives. While that may seem strange to a lot of you, that is our reality. Even during the law school years she would always, always call and say good night to the kids. But yesterday, she was in transit, changing hotels and just not able to link up with the time difference. She had warned them it was very possible that she wouldn't be able to talk with them but the reality was hard for them to grasp.

Kaylen started in first thing yesterday morning about missing her and it went on all day. Kelton started asking as soon as he arrived home from school. I kept reminding them that she probably wasn't going to be able to call.

Then came a rescue plan! A friend of mine with a 10 year old son who my kids are crazy for asked if they could come over and hang out for a while. What a great distraction for the kids!! Kaylen loves to chase him through the house and, God bless him, he goes right along with it. Kelton and he both are into Pokemon so they hooked up their DS games and battled.

They hung out until almost bedtime which limited the whining and tears over Dakota to about an hour. Of course, that would be the hour I had them in their beds and was trying to get them to fall asleep. It was a "several lullaby" kind of night before they both drifted off.

Dakota sent an email last night and is hopeful she will be able to make contact with them tonight via Skype or a phone call. Here's hoping.

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