Wednesday, May 26, 2010


If you live in the town I live in, than you know it's been raining. For days, for weeks...seemingly for months. Ok....we have had some nice days tossed in there but lately? Lately the rain has been falling fast and often.

Today was the jog-a-thon at Kelton's school and guess what I woke to? The sound of rain pouring, overflowing the back gutter. Lovely. The paperwork all said "rain or shine" (whose big idea what THAT!?!) so I got ready, got the kids ready and headed out into the land of water.

On the way to the school, I started receiving text messages from people asking if it was still happening. I responded with "On my way to the school. I'll let you know."

I drove into the parking lot and immediately noticed that it was completely flooded. There were pump trucks working to clear the drains. It was overwhelming. I got the kids out of the car and, as we side stepped around gigantic puddles, we made it to the office. I was greeted by several people, the principal included, saying "We need to cancel!" No kidding! The parking lot is flooded and, as it turns out, so is the field.

I'm pretty sure I saw a few tv stands and other furniture floating by! Someone really needs to build an arc....and soon!

So now the job at hand is to reschedule the jog-a-thon...and hope that it finally stops raining for a while. It is seriously crazy how much rain has fallen in the past week.

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