Monday, May 17, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Ok really....what in the heck is a cell phone repeater? Before I look it up let me tell you what I think it *should* be. It *should* be a device that repeats what the other person says incredibly clear. I tell you, sometimes I get so frustrated talking cell phone to cell phone because it is hard to hear the other person through all the line noise and/or the way the phones are being held. I feel I am constantly saying "What?" Or "Say that again?"

But now, just for fun, let me look it up and see what it is. Hang tight.

Ok - I'm back. Miss me? It's a cell phone booster which strengthens the signal.

Yeah - that doesn't tell me much either but there you have it.

No need to thank me. Just consider it a public service announcement. :)

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