Sunday, May 02, 2010

Really Good Weekend

It has been a really great weekend. It was my weekend without the kiddos and for the first time in a while I had plans and was really looking forward to my time.

Friday night I met a new friend for dinner and had a fun time getting to know her as we swapped stories and shared pictures of our kids. The time flew by and soon we were saying goodbye.

Saturday Dakota and the kids headed up into the mountains to spend the weekend with Dakota's niece and her kids. The cousins are close in age and the 4 of them have so much fun together. While they were traveling there and settling in I did grocery shopping and a few things around the house and then I crawled under my covers and took a nice long nap. Bliss!

When I woke up I spent some time chatting online with another friend (and can I just say how nice it is to talk with someone without having the leave the conversation a bunch of times to take care of the kiddos? It was decadent.) and then it was time to get ready to go out.

My friend, Cande, and I headed out to a local martini bar and then for kicks and giggles we went to the only gay bar in town. It was a total dive but fun just the same and bonus! Cande and I now have lots of things to say to each other that will dissolve us into fits of laughter. Always fun!

I was back home by 10:30pm because Cande had to work this morning but we are already hatching plans for our next night out.

I sort of lost all sense of my ability to make a good choice and I drank a double sized Rock Star energy drink at 5pm 3am I was still wide awake. Ooops. I won't make that mistake again. :)

I finally fell asleep. The dogs woke me at 5:30 for breakfast and then I crawled back under the covers and slept until 9. I remember jolting awake and noticing it was light. My mind started racing: why hadn't Kaylen woken up yet? Oh my gosh - something is wrong with her! And then I remembered that they weren't here. I'm so conditioned to having them with me that it was odd to remember they were not here.

I made my coffee and crawled back under the covers with my laptop. I surfed, answered emails, talked on the phone, etc. for a while as I half-watched TV. It was great. I finally jumped in the shower around noon but even after that, I hung out in my room and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I chatted with a couple friends as the day moved on and then I finally heard the sounds of little people at the front door. Two very tired looking children stumbled into the house. Kaylen had fallen asleep on the trip back and complained of a sore neck so I snuggled her into my bed and turned on a show for her. It seemed to help and ease her back into being awake. Kelton joined me for a while as well - it was so nice to have them beside me. As much as I love my weekend alone, I was glad to have my babies back with me.

A great weekend, indeed!


Tanya said...

You don't have to gloat.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...what happened to the new woman (with kids) you were dating a month or so ago? That seemed like a great thing?

Casey said...

It was. She made a choice and took herself out of the equation. Nothing I can do about that. Life goes on.

Caroline said...

Sounds like it was indeed a good weekend.

How is Kelton doing? I don't see you talking about him as much anymore. Hope he is OK.

Casey said...

Kelton is doing ok. What would you like to know?

yankeegirl said...

Totally decadent weekend- surfing, napping, sleeping late, going out with friends... LOVE IT!!!

Lielanie said...

hey you went to northbank? my cousin works/preforms there, i never laughed so hard when I went to watch their show. There was one especially funny performer, forgot her name though.. makes me laugh just to think about it though. glad you got some laughs too!