Friday, May 14, 2010

Warm Weather Ahead

The summer weather is here. At least for the next couple of days but that's ok....I'll take it. This morning, after job searching and applying, I swept the front entry and the back patio and then did a few more chores before settling down and hanging out in the yard with Kaylen.

It's warm though I hear it should be even warmer tomorrow. It's practically shorts weather and usually, I am fine with the clothing season change but this year? Not so much. I'm good with short sleeve shirts but my shorts and Capri's? Yeah. They don't so much fit anymore. They are way too big. I bought one pair a few weeks ago but one pair isn't going to cut it soon.

I guess there is a downside to losing weight (and yes, I know, gaining it too. But since I lost it that's where I'm going with this. And no, I didn't use diet pills. I used the "stress diet".).

I can't really complain though. I'm happy to be in smaller sized clothes again. But I have to say, it makes me wish I had kept all those smaller sized clothes I got rid of a few years ago. Life and learn.

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Lannon said...

Those smaller size clothes that you got rid of are just waiting for you over at the goodwill or value village......