Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Nitty Gritty

My Syringomyelia is kicking me in the....well....honestly...in the back and the neck today. I really detest days when I can hear gritty sand sounds whenever I turn my head. It grosses me out...and it hurts, too.

It makes sense though with the headaches I've been having the past few days - not to mention my arms and hands going to sleep for no apparent reason and my grip being less than usual (though why I fail to put two and two together when I start getting the constant headache is beyond me. You'd think after two years I would start putting the pieces together but I guess that comes from 13 years of doing all I can to block out constant pain.) that I would be having a mini-flare up. I say "mini" because as much as it hurts and is frustrating, it is nothing like that first go around with it, which is my "go-to" when I remember how bad it *could* be.

Hopefully it will begin to settle down soon.

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