Friday, May 28, 2010


It's Friday. As the kids will tell you with much excitement, this is the day that Dakota is flying back to the United States. She will be in Seattle tonight, stay the night there and then will drive back down here and will be with the kids in the afternoon tomorrow.

All in all, from my perspective, this hasn't been bad at all. There was only once or twice when I hit points of saturation but they were short lived. Truthfully, these days haven't been any different from the law school years. I'm so used to doing this alone that it doesn't even phase me.

The kids? They were phased. They missed her but still came through the experience unscathed. The hardest parts for them were the days of no contact from Dakota as well as bedtimes (which is when they would fall apart because they wanted to say good night to her).

All in all - it was fine. And, if I were to be completely honest, it was less hectic for me because the kids behavior stayed consistent and we didn't deviate from our tightly strung routine.

But I know for sure that there will be two VERY excited children watching out the window most of the day tomorrow. They can't wait to see her!

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RMcIntyre said...

Will be nice for the kids to have her back for visits and bed-time etc. I never said it would be easy...I said they would survive, and didnt mean to upset you by my comment. I have 5 kids and my husband travelled constantly as an auditor with Revenue Canada (like your IRS) and I can relate to the issues involved. The homecoming will be exciting for sure!!!!