Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Night Light

It's Sunday night and I have no idea what to blog about. I have so much going on right now in every single level of my world that honestly, I think I would rather sit down and flip through the Sunday ad's looking for laptop deals of the week than try to share all the ins and out of the weekend....let alone all the stuff going on with me.

So maybe that's what I should do. Just sit back and let the thoughts and events of the weekend swirl around in my head. It's been a wild few days - really good and not so good. But I guess that's life these days. In some ways, I feel my plate is as full as it can possible get and I am overwhelmed by it all and in other ways, I do understand that every situation is a chance to learn and grow.

Here's hoping there is more learning and growing in a positive manner this week than there are things that overwhelm me.

A new week. Full of possibilities, right? :)


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Monogram Queen said...

Absolutely - sometimes you just to take a deep breath and hang on. I am praying that you find a job - the one meant for you Casey and that you have peace of mind as well, my friend.