Thursday, May 13, 2010

BAM. Hitting the Wall

Today is a freak out day. I need a job. The stress of job searching, applying and worrying over every little thing is really starting to get to me.

Wall - meet Casey. Casey, wall.

Yep - that would be me hitting the wall......again.

The weeks ticking by are getting louder and louder and louder. Oh how I hate this. I know that I wouldn't really trade the years I had with my kids to raise them into the amazing people they are but there are days when I resent and regret the fact that I left a really, good, satisfying and well paying job when Kelton was born. The 8 year gap in employment is sooooooo hard. And the economy? Yeah - that doesn't help so much either.

I can't take just any job. There is day care costs to figure into the bills so a minimum wage job is just going to put me further behind because what is the point of taking a job that can't pay the bills and, in fact, adds hundreds more a month to them in day care?

And temp agencies? I called a couple and they admitted that right now they have so many people on the list that it's hit and miss.


Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better.

(I'm just venting - no need to respond. I've applied for 3 jobs so fat this morning - I'm off to find some more.)

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