Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I woke to another beautiful Pacific Northwest summer morning. Blue skies, birds singing....but otherwise quiet and still. The kids are still sleeping - which is amazing and wonderful. They played hard yesterday in the pool for most of the day - plus Kaylen seems to be developing a cold (oh yay.) so they were tired little puppies last night.

As for me - I have an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. After a year of constant turmoil and chaos, this is a welcome feeling. Yes, I'm still stressed about certain things but this morning? This morning calm and peaceful wins out.

Last night Dakota was here with the kids so Marlene and I headed down to a favorite place, Beaches, and enjoyed dinner on the terrace overlooking the river. We were just sitting down when I noticed that a friend, Jennifer, and her son were seated at the table next to us. We scooted the tables closer together and enjoyed a conversation (this was the first time M and J had met) as we took in the sights and sounds of a warm summer evening.

After dinner, we headed into Portland for a bit and then stopped at Dairy Queen to enjoy a Blizzard and then it was time to go come home to switch places with Dakota. Tonight Dakota will be here again (instead of her usual Thursday) as she will be flying out of state late tonight and won't be back until next week and tonight will be an even hotter summer night to enjoy.

I hear Kaylen stirring in the other room. Time to get this day underway. Stay cool if it's hot where you are, stay dry if you have rain but above all else, enjoy your day! I know I plan to.

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