Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pool Time!

The kids have been living in the pool. It's the biggest one they have had to date and they are loving all the room to splash and swim around. They have many pool toys to keep them floating and squealing with happiness. They even each have their own air mattress for quiet floating when they want to rest to catch their breath though rarely does that happen. Mostly it's just squealing and having fun. I have to say, that is the one thing I love dearly about summertime: kids in the yard having fun playing. Not to mention that the house feels bigger when you have the yard as part of your living space. :)

Here are a few photos of my water babies:

Yesterday afternoon Marlene was done with work early so she and Andrew took us to Esther Short Park to play in the water. The kids had a blast and I have to admit, event though I hate, hate, hate being splashed with water, even *I* had a good time! I was pretty wet there for a while but the heat took care of that in no time. :)

Summertime! It appears to finally be here.

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