Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swimmers Ear?

Kelton started complaining yesterday of ear pain. My mommy-alarm bell starting going off.....possibly it's swimmers ear from the hours upon hours of time he has spent in the swimming pool. I'm pretty sure with all his diving under the water and game playing that he could only get more water in his ears if he put his ear under the faucets and let water run directly into his ear.

I've never had swimmers ear so I don't know what it would feel like but from his behavior (clearly not feeling 100%...and has been up a lot the past couple nights which isn't in character for him) something is going on in that ear of his.

This morning Kaylen started saying her ear hurt, too. I'm not convinced when it comes to her - I have a feeling it's more of a "Kelton is saying it and getting attention so I will too!" situation but since I need to have Kelton seen, I'll have her looked at as well. Better safe than sorry. Not exactly the way I had planned to spend the morning but I guess grocery shopping can wait another day.

After the doctor appointment, I'm taking them to Chuck E. Cheese to play some games. Last night, while cuddling with me, Kelton said "Mom, I would really like to do some fun things this summer. We stay home a lot and it would be fun to do something. I know all my ideas cost money but maybe we could do something every week or so?" His eyes help so much hope as they looked at me. My babies. I feel so bad for them. They really are being troopers about "We have no money for that right now."



A Jersey Girl said...

Ah, the phrase heard all over these days, "we don't have money for that now".

Audra said...

Bummer on the swimmers ear! We had a pool growing up, so it seemed like we had it at least once a summer. Not fun- especially since we couldn't swim with it!

Chuck e cheese sounds fun too!

Tanya said...

I say that phrase all too often myself. Maybe you could find free stuff to do. I know around here they have some museums that offer a free day, or a theater that does the same even though they aren't new movies, or going to a new unexpected park. I've noticed a lot of half off websites popping up, I just bought a set of tickets to the Legoland aquarium for cheap.

And I had swimmers ear last year. It's the most annoying thing. Your ear feels full and you get these sharp pains. And it messes with your equilibrium. No fun! To top it off she dug in my ear to get out any wax to make sure the drops got where they needed to. Hope he's feeling better soon.