Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

It's hot. Really hot. Mother Nature threw us for a loop by keeping us in long pants and rain jackets as we complained about the wet cool weather and then knocking us into the skillet with temperatures nearing 100. Seriously, people - we went up 40 some degrees in a matter of days and here we stay. It's hot hot hot. And let's refresh for those of you who don't remember: Casey HATES hot weather. Case in point, when our house heating system went out four years ago I waged a battle of the wills to pay a little more to have a heat pump installed instead of just a furnace. Heat pumps, for those not in the know, are units that does both heat and a/c. Best investment EVER. (And for the record, it wasn't hard at all to sway Dakota. It's not like I bullied her or anything.)

When the temps get hot it's hard to get cooled if your house is just as hot (or hotter) than outside. I find I am a much nicer person when I can cool my core temperature. If I am hot and miserable......well....that just isn't pretty.

There is one good thing about the heat's one of the only diets that work for me. My appetite is non-existent in heat. I guess that's a bonus now, isn't it? :)

The kids have been living in the pool. From where I sit I can hear the happy sounds of them splashing in the water. Normally I would be sitting at my guard post but because of the size of the pool, it is where it can't be seen in the afternoon unless you are sitting directly in the sun. And let's remember: Casey doesn't do hot weather. The surest way to make my throw up is putting me in direct sun for too long.

So - I have the door open listening to their every word. I can get out there in mere seconds. I would never, ever have done this when they were younger but it feels ok this year.

I have some photos to post. I just need to upload them. Maybe I'll do that next. I hope you are all enjoying your summer matter what you are doing.

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Lynilu said...

Casey, I'm that way in heat, too, and if you throw in humidity, it intensifies the whole effect so that within minutes, even in the shade, I'm physically ill. It was mentioned that I probably had gotten seriously overheated at some time and had something akin to heatstroke. I 'spect it's true. You're smart to stay as cool as possible. Hard to do, though isn't it? It's hard without kids; I can't imagine how hard with those two cuties.