Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach Day!

As you know, it's been hotter than hot here lately so Marlene and I thought it would be fun to head to the beach for the day on Saturday. The kids were so excited that all week we heard "How many more days?" We planned out what we would do so we could make the most of our limited hours. Friday night I packed up the car and Saturday morning we were on the road by 8am. Luckily we didn't run into too much stalled cars or RV's needing rv repairs...just smooth sailing for us.

We reached Cannon Beach by 10 and were soon happily eating at the Pig-n-Pancake (no secret - it's my favorite place to eat). After breakfast we walked around town and in and out of shops. The kids all got some small things and I even bought a few things for myself - like a really cool starfish necklace.

We stayed in Cannon Beach for a few hours and then we headed into Seaside which is definitely the more "kid centered" beach town. We hit all the regulars like the merry-go-round, the train and pedal cars and the arcade (and yes, Pig-n-Pancake again for lunch). Finally, much to the happiness of the three kids, it was time to hit the sand. We saved the beach itself for last since I knew the kids would be wet, sandy messes once we were there....and I was not wrong. At one point, Kelton buried himself in the sand. What a lovely mess. :)

We had a fantastic day and it was hard for us to leave. We headed out of town around 8pm (the kids voted and we ended up having dinner at the Pig-n-Pancake too) and finally arrived home around 11 (we stopped in Longview to watch a huge fireworks display). The kids had all fallen asleep on the drive home so we carried them into the house and tucked them into their beds.

It was such a good day...and you know it was a great photo op! Here are some of the 150 pictures I took. :)

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