Friday, July 09, 2010

Sunshine-y Day!

Another summer day. I've done all that I need to do (chores and job searching/applying) and now I am settling in to enjoy the rest of the day. I'm sitting on the patio listening to the kids have conversations about heaven, hell, angels and God. It's actually very interesting how they process the things they have been told. I love eavesdropping to their conversations - it's actually very enlightening. Sometimes the level of conversation stuns me - they can be very insightful.

Ok - conversation time is over and now they are playing some strange game. I'm pretty sure that, if they aren't careful, I may need to look into disability insurance for them. Holy cow - they are so rough when they play.

The mosquitoes this year have been thick and nasty. They are everywhere and apparently they find Kaylen and I to be quite tasty. I have been using bug spray on me but it doesn't stop all of them. I have noticed that mosquitoes have gotten worse through the years. Where are all the bats that should be gobbling them up? This is crazy and so not pleasant. are on the move. Need to grab towels for them. More later.

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