Sunday, March 04, 2012


So - I am 4 days post surgery and, physically, I am feeling pretty darn good. My insides seem happy to be back in their rightful place though I will say, it's strange not to be thinking about taking my medication every morning and every evening. I had to put the bottle of pills away because my reaction is to reach for them before I barely have my eyes open, and definitely before my first cup of coffee.

Today I have sucked down three cups of coffee and I don't even have a hint of pain. I have to say, it's nice. :)

Today is the first day I have opened up my laptop because,'s the first day I have felt strong enough to do much more than huddle on the couch. Thank goodness I have a phone that I can do everything I really need to do. I love having everything I really need right in the palm of my hand. Smart phones rock.

Anyway - I am noticing an uptick in the people I know who have joined Pinterest - including me. I have no real clue what I'm doing there yet but I am reading facebook updates from people who liken it to a rabbit's hole which I take to mean, once you get into it, is hard to get out of because of the twists and turns it takes. I know that, for me, I found a couple cool things I've bookmarked (Pinned? No. I'm not even sure I know how to do that.) like a cool way to hem jeans so you keep the original hem in tact (which works because a couple months ago I hemmed jeans for Kelton and it was so easy and it looks so amazing!) and a cool easy to make photo collage for the wall. I imagine there is even a way to pin triangle know, if I knew how.

I'm guessing I need to spend some time in the rabbit hole and find out a bit more about it. I've got a good week or more of "limited activity" while I heal so I guess there is no time like the present to go exploring.

What about you? Are you in Pinterest? Thoughts?


Jeri said...

Pinterest is extremely addicting. Beware! :) Glad to hear you are recovering fast.

Elizabeth said...

I love pinterest, I pin a lot of recipes, crafts and ideas for my daughter's wedding.
Glad you're feeling better! Keep up the good recovery.

Tanya said...

I have an account, but have not gone on it. Kind of like my Twitter acct.