Monday, March 05, 2012

Aged in an Hour

Mommy freak out for one, please.

I think I aged about 40 years this afternoon, which would make me eligible for assisted living. Why, you ask?

I lost my daughter for an hour today. I only knew she was missing for 10 minutes but it was the longest 10 minutes to date.

She was supposed to stay after school for a PE activity so I went over to the school to be there for the end of the book fair day because I wasn't sure Kelton would know to come home alone. Both kids knew I was in and out of the book fair today and since the regular habit for the past 4 years is for the kids to meet me there at the end of the day. I let Kelton know where to meet me but didn't give Kaylen two thoughts since when we said good-bye this morning, she knew where she was going after school. So from 3-4pm, Kelton and I whiled away the time waiting for Kaylen.

The time finally came and I went to collect Kaylen. When the kids came out of the gym, I didn't see her. I asked the PE teacher where she was and was informed she never showed up. WHAT??!?!?!?!?!

I raced home, while calling the school to send up an alert. I was in full on panic mode. The kids have I have gone over and over what to do if, on the off chance, mom isn't home when they get home from school so my smart girl knew exactly what to do. She went to the day care down the street and they put a note on my front door.

Kelton and I went down to get her and my sobbing baby girl fell into my arms. I soothed her (and me) and rocked her back and forth. When she calmed down, I asked why she didn't have them call me and she said she couldn't remember her phone number because she was too upset. Many tears later (from both of us), we made it back home and settled in.

As it turns out, she had forgotten about her activity until the moment bus pulled away from the school and she didn't realize Kelton wasn't on the bus until she got off. My poor baby girl. :(

I am so glad I am one of those parents who try to trouble shoot possible scenarios before they ever happen. I get shaky when I think "What if we hadn't gone over an emergency plan? Where would she have gone? What would have happened to her?"

The "what if's" of parenting can drive me crazy.

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Shannon said...

How scary!! Glad she knew exactly what to do.