Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Resting......yes, mostly.

Contrary to everyones desire (and I'm definitely talking about my sister here) I have been spending time the past two days at the book fair at school. If you know me at all, then you know the book fair is THE event I live for during the school year. I. Love. It. Every single part of it. Not so much the prep work, though I do like it better than most events, but the week the fair is at the school, I am in heaven.

Sitting home, when I could be sitting there? Yeah - not likely.

Yesterday I went in with the kids at 8am, fully anticipating staying only a short while to help the kids pick out their books and then I would go home. Except....one thing lead to another. I finally left and headed home to rest for a few hours and then returned at 2pm to help close it out. Say what you will - but I was needed and I loved the look of relief on people's faces when I walked back in.

Today, I again expected to go, stay for a short while, head home to rest and then return. Except...I never left. Now before you get your lingerie bodystockings in a twist...I will tell you that there is a very comfortable couch and that soft spot and I were good friends throughout the day. There is even a picture on Facebook right now (posted by someone else but I'm tagged in it) of me sound asleep. Yes, I really did nap.

Yes - it was a long day but I didn't over do, I rested often, and I was with people. People are good for me right now.

Yes - I'm tired. But it's a good tired.

Tomorrow is a very busy family event morning. I hemmed and hawed over going but I think I'm going to go, stay behind the scenes, help as I can and just be part of it. It's an early release day so there will be plenty of time for resting in the afternoon.

What can I say? I love the book fair. :)

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Tanya said...

Hey our book fair is now too :) Do your kids get a book voucher? Ours did and I thought that was great. We have our family night tomorrow so we will go back. J has been looking forward to it since last week when he went with his class.