Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Nothing is constant but change.

Life is about to get interesting but in a good way. There are changes afoot in every direction but they are good changes. Changes that bring the far-away future into closer focus. Change that means moving forward, moving on and starting fresh.

And I am excited about the upcoming changes. Sure - apprehensive, too, because change, by it's very definition means moving into unfamiliar territory but overall, I am very excited.

As a result, I am busy crunching numbers and completing spreadsheets. Dreaming and scheming. Yes - this might be made easier by something fancy like an elo touch but honestly? I'm a paper and pen kinda girl. I still pay bills with checks and I still record every financial transaction in a register. I keep track of every cent and I balance my checking account to the penny every month. I feel too much control is lost in the electronic world of bill pay and auto pay. I like to sit down and process the papers and see, really see, where everything stands.

So now? With all the new numbers to crunch and the new dreams to reach for, I am finding this an exciting time. I'm ready to move forward. More than ready, really, but definitely ready.

So here we go.......a new adventure ahead!

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